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Academic Advisement

Academic Advisement

The honors program director serves as a co-advisor with the Academic Enrichment Specialists in the AES Office to provide academic advisement for freshmen students in the program. After completing their first year, and having declared a major, students are co-advised between their department and the Program Director. If a student is still undecided on a major, advisement continues with the director who will aid in discovering an appropriate major choice. 

Based on the student’s intended major in the first semester, the director selects the appropriate courses and a combination of honors courses and regular core courses for students who are undecided. Original schedules will be adjusted to conform to honors program requirements.

Freshmen/first-year students should not exceed a course load of 18 credit hours. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors, with the approval of the director, may have a course load beyond 18 credit hours. Director’s approval for credit hours up to 22 hours may be granted to seniors (on some rare occasions to juniors) who have maintained a 3.25 cumulative grade point average, and doing so may enable them to satisfy graduation requirements in a timely manner.


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