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2022-2032 Rates

Semester                                             Coverage Period                                 Rate

Fall                                                       August 1 - December 31                    $487    

Spring                                                  January 1 - July 31                              $681


Apply for Insurance Waiver

Students must be registered for classes for at least 24 hours before applying for a health insurance waiver. Once a waiver is processed for fall semester, it is also effective for spring semester. Students that do not waive the insurance for fall must apply for a waiver in spring if they are opting out for spring semester.  Student Athletes are not eligilbe to waive out of the University insurance coverage. Student Athletes must be covered the entire academic year which includes Fall and Spring semesters.    


**Fall semester insurance waiver dates –               July 1 to August 31

**spring semester insurance waiver dates -          November 13 to January 31


Enrolling and activating your coverage

The insurance charge will automatically be charged to students' accounts. Although students are automatically charged for the insurance, they will need to enroll online to activate coverage. To enroll, students will go online to: Students can also print off a copy of their insurance cards.

Minimum Requirements

Clark Atlanta University implemented a new requirement in Fall 2006 that requires all undergraduate, all residential and international students to have health insurance, which meets certain minimum requirements. Clark Atlanta University requires all students in the above categories to have reasonable, comparable, creditable coverage to the current system-wide student health insurance plan provided. The following benefits must be included in your plan to be considered for a waiver.

Domestic Insurance Requirements:

  • Accident and sickness coverage of at least $500,000 per policy year
  • A deductible that does not exceed $3,000 per policy year
  • In effect for the entire semester you are applying for a waiver


United Healthcare

For the 2021-2022 academic year, Clark Atlanta University has contracted United Healthcare to provide this insurance, which will automatically be charged to your CAU student account.

Waiving the Mandatory Insurance Plan

Student Athletes are not eligilbe to waive out of the University insurance coverage. Student Athletes must be covered the entire academic year which includes Fall and Spring semesters.

If you have group insurance, you may be able to avoid this cost. If you have insurance that you believe meets the minimum standards (above), you must submit a waiver request to United HealthCare, who will decide if you are exempt from purchasing their policy. You will need to have your insurance policy information readily available when you start the waiver process.
• Log on to Click on the 'Waiver Form' link on the bottom of the page. Fill out the form(s) set up for your institution.
• United Health Care will receive your request for a waiver and you will receive an email and a confirmation number verifying that you have successfully submitted your waiver. If you do not receive this email, resubmit your waiver request.
• Your request is then sent for verification.
• Your insurance plan will be verified that it meets the current requirements using the Clark Atlanta University’s approved minimum requirement guidelines.
• Once your request is reviewed, an email is sent either stating your plan has been approved or has been denied. If approved, the school will remove the charge from your tuition bill. If denied, the email will state the reason(s) why your plan is not approved.


Policy Requirements

The policy requires that students first visit CAU Health Services (except in cases of emergencies, when Health Services is closed, when treatment is received 30 miles from campus, or you require treatment for maternity or psychotherapy). The purpose of this requirement is to help save you time and money. The Department of Health Services provides a wide range of services, including free or low cost prescriptions for many medications, and is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday during the regular academic year. You can visit Health Services without an appointment. For more information about the Department of Health Services, please visit online at Clark Atlanta University Health Services  or call 404-880-8322.

If you have questions, you can consult the CAU website:  

Contact Information

United Healthcare Contact Information:

Plan Information
United Healthcare Student Resources
2301 West Plano Parkway, Suite 300
Plano, TX 75075

Mail your claims to:
United Healthcare Student Resources
P.O. Box 809025
Dallas, TX 75380-9025

Customer Service - 1-800-767-0700