Network Services and Security

Mission Statement

To provide and maintain the highest quality of Network and Telecommunications services, consisting of the transport network infrastructure and supporting equipment for voice, video surveillance, wireless and data connectivity for Clark Atlanta University. To provide and maintain the health, performance and security of the network, to research and evaluate new technologies as they pertain to the needs of the University.

IT Security

The Office of Information Technology works to keep your information secure. Network security is an over-arching term that defines that the policies and procedures employed by network security will protect and avoid unauthorized access, exploitation, modification, or denial of the network and network resources. OITC security believes in a collaborative approach where both OITC security and its users work together to secure the network environment.

While there is no network that is immune to attacks, a stable and efficient network security system is essential to protecting client data. In doing so, the following tips will help secure your password:

Password Security

  • Choose a strong password that cannot be easily guessed
  • Never give out your password--the Clark Atlanta University OITC Department will never ask you for your password, and no one else at the college should, either
  • Use dynamic passwords - Example:
  1. Think of a phrase you can remember: “I Love College"
  2. Make it into a password without spaces: ILoveCollege
  3. Add dynamic attributes like numbers and symbols: 1L0ve(ollege
  • Passwords need to be changed every 90 days, but if you suspect your account has been compromised, immediately change your password
  • Consider using 16 character or more password

Data Security at Work

  • Lock your screen when you leave your desk, and don't leave items with personal information out in plain sight
  • Be careful of what sites you visit and what you download--when in doubt, ask the HelpDesk  +1-404-880-6482 if a website is legitimate before entering any personal information
  • Be wary of unsolicited communications from outside businesses, especially if they ask for personal information on an unfamiliar website
  • For more information, see the email security page


The OITC department will always encourage you to open a Helpdesk ticket if you experience any difficulties. 



Clark Atlanta University has a Voice-Over IP phone system.  New staff will be provided with a phone, a phone number and a voice mail PIN upon their arrival to the College. For add moves and changes of a telephone please contact the helpdesk @ +1-404-880-6482

Reporting Problems:

All telephone, voice mail or line problems should be reported to the OITC Help Desk.

The Help Desk can be reached by dialing "6482 from any campus phone or +1-404-880-6482 from off-campus. Normal business hours and holidays are Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. The trouble will be logged and dispatched for resolution. Turnaround time for resolution is based on the severity of the trouble.

Voice Mail:

Voice mail is provided to all faculty and staff. It is the responsibility of the owner of the voice mailbox to initialize their mailbox when it is assigned. Mailbox initialization consists of recording the mailbox owner's name and changing the default password; recording a greeting is optional by following the prompt. To access the voice mail system dial the main voice mail number 8760 off campus dial +1-404-880-8760

Using Your Telephone:

To reach a campus extension - dial the 4-digit extension number (last 4 digits of telephone number). To reach a telephone number off-campus - dial the area code and telephone number. Intrastate and interstate long distance calls should be dialed with the area code plus the telephone number the telephone system will prompt you to enter an authorization code. Direct dialed international calls should be dialed with "011" plus the country code plus the city code plus the telephone number.

To reach the campus operator - dial "8000" press “0”

For EMERGENCIES ONLY - dial "8911” NON EMERGENCIES ONLY – dial “8623”

Using Your Fax Machine:

For all numbers dialed from a fax machine should dial “9-outside line and ten digits for local and long distance. Use authorization code for long distance. Dialing international should follow the steps above.

Cell Phone and MIFI:

All devices are issue upon approval of the unit head by filling out the appropriate form.


Wireless for Students Network Login:

Please use the following information to log into the campus Wireless Network:

Connect to the Wi-Fi network: PantherExpress
1. On your machine or mobile device, open up a browser window (we recommend Google Chrome or Firefox).
2. You should automatically be redirected to the PantherExpress Wireless Network login page.

You must use your network credentials to access our wireless network. If you are having trouble accessing the PantherExpress wireless network or the signal is weak in your general location, please contact the helpdesk @ +1-404-880-6482.


Wireless for Staff and Faculty network login:

Please use the following information to log into the campus Wireless Network:

Staff and Faculty will contact the helpdesk @ +1-404-880-6482 and open a ticket to gain access to CAUnet wireless network, which is a hidden SSID.

Guest Wireless Network

Guest wireless network is available for visitors to our campuses that will allow connection to PantherGuest. Direct access is available to this network, if you have any questions contact the helpdesk at +1-404-880-6482.


Clark Atlanta University

Physical Security Video Surveillance

The Security Technology Specialist engages and partners with the Department of Public Safety where forensic data and chain of custody evidence is required.

The objective of this unit:

  • Increase the Security for Students, Faculty and Staff
  • Prevent Violence and Theft
  • Minimize the Cost of Vandalism
  • Investigate Incidents and Identify Suspects