If you have received a message located below, please DO NOT click the links or respond to the email. You should delete the email immediately.

Please remain aware that you may receive suspicious emails that are not listed in the list below. If you question the validity of an email, please utilize the phishing button in your Outlook or O365 (also known as webmail).

Phishing button in Outlook



Phishing button in O365



If you have already clicked a link in or responded to a phishing attempt:
1) Don’t panic!
2) Change your password
Using a different device, got to the following link and change your password:
3) Report the phishing message
Click the Phish Alert button
4) Open a support ticket
Click the link below to submit a ticket to the OITC Support team. In the body of the email, please let us know what actions you took regarding the email, and we will review the information and get back to you as soon as possible.



Email Subject Sender Date Received
TEST EMAIL Test - Stephanie Singleton 10/06/2020
TEST EMAIL 2 Test - Steph 2 11/12/2020