Multi-Factor Authentication FAQs

What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?
Microsoft Multifactor Authentication (MFA) is a way of verifying that people logging into our systems are indeed the people we think they are.  In these times when malicious and phishing email attacks are a daily occurrence, MFA provides a way to limit the impact of these attacks and help ensure that only authorized people are accessing our systems. This helps us to protect not only our email, but all of our data and applications connected to Office 365.  Simply put, MFA is a method of authentication that requires more than one verification method.  This adds a critical second layer of security when users sign-in to their CAU Office 365 account.  It does this by requiring more than one method of verifying that it is really you logging into the account.
How does MFA work?
MFA works by requiring both of the following verification methods to access your account: 
  • Something you know (your CAU username & password) 
  • Something you have (a trusted device - your mobile phone)
Who is currently impacted by MFA?
MFA impacts all students, faculty, and staff.
What applications/systems are currently protected with MFA?
  • O365 applications
  • Canvas
  • Banner Administrative Pages
  • Banner Web
More applications will be protected with MFA in the future.
How do I enroll in MFA?
Access the MyApps portal at to initiate the MFA enrollment. (provide links for video and/or html instructions).
What are my authentication methods for MFA?
  • Mobile Notification (Microsoft Authenticator app required)
  • Verification Code (Microsoft Authenticator app required)
  • Text Message
  • Phone Calls
OITC recommends using the Microsoft Authenticator app with the Mobile Notification method because of its ease of use.  There is no need to enter a code to authenticate.
What if I don’t have a smartphone?
Please contact the OITC service desk at or 404-880-6482.
What do I do if I lost my device or if I get a new device?
Please contact the OITC service desk at or 404-880-6482.
Does registering for MFA give OITC access to my device?
No.  Registering your device gives the device access to CAU services and doesn’t allow OITC to access your device.