Compliance Office


In December 2006, the CAU Board of Trustees and former University President Walter D. Broadnax established a compliance office. The goal of this office is to manage institutional risk and ensure that all University policies and procedures as well as all local, state and federal regulations are followed.

The essence of compliance is:

"Knowing what to do and doing what is right."

The primary role of the Compliance Office is to develop an effective compliance program based up six core elements:

  • Written Standards and Procedures
  • Effective Oversight
  • Delegation of Signatory Authority
  • Training
  • Monitoring
  • Discipline

The mission of the compliance office is to promote and support a University culture that integrates compliance into the institutions daily activities and holds all members of the University community to the highest ethical standards.

Compliance Committee

The CAU Compliance Office is guided by a Compliance Committee comprising:

  • Dr. Garlen D. Wesson, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Dr. Calvin Brown, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Dr. Jaideep Chaudhary, Interim Dean, School of Arts and Sciences
  • Ms. Marilyn A. Davis, Chief Real Estate and Business Services Officer
  • Ms. Jennifer Ervin, Esq., General Counsel
  • Dr. Charles J. Gibbs, Chief of Staff, Office of the President
  • Dr. Lauren Lopez, Assistant Vice President for Planning, Assessment and Institutional Research
  • Dr. Joann Powell, Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences
  • Dr. Khalil Shujaee, Professor, Department of Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Dr. Lanze Thompson, Senior Vice President for Finance and Business Services and Chief Financial Officer
  • Dr. Omar Torres, Dean of Student Services and Campus Life
  • Ms. Lisa A. Wilson, Associate Vice President for Research and Sponsored Programs
Compliance Office Contact
Compliance Office
223 James P. Brawley Dr., S.W.
215 Harkness Hall
Atlanta, GA 30314
Phone (404)-880-6623
Hotline (404)-589-8006  

Mr. Ademola Bamiro
Internal Compliance Audit Manager

Ms. Dana Chambers
Internal Compliance Auditor

Dr. Gayle Watts
Compliance Program Manager