Compliance Hotline

The CAU Compliance Hotline is available to anyone who wishes to confidentially and anonymously report inappropriate conduct as described below. All individuals, especially employees at CAU, play a vital role in assisting the University in meeting its commitment to maintain the highest standards of ethical behavior and to enforce compliance with the law, rules and regulations and/or institutional policies and procedures.

Examples of conduct to be reported include violations of CAU's ethics policies, particularly failures of internal accounting controls, fraud, conflict of interest, improper use of property and records, employee theft, concerns regarding questionable financial accounting or auditing matters, nonadherence to federal regulations, OMB Circulars, governmental directives and the like.

The CAU Compliance Hotline supplements the normal management channels for addressing issues of ethical behavior and compliance with policies and procedures, applicable laws, regulations, governmental directives and related professional, agency or institutional standards. Nevertheless, if the nature of your complaint involves a major issue that you feel uncomfortable discussing through normal management channels or you have pursued normal channels and your issue remains unresolved, you are expected to use the Hotline. All calls are accepted by the hotline. However, the CAU Compliance Hotline is not intended for handling employee grievances, such as complaints concerning working conditions, discrimination, unlawful harassment, performance evaluations, hours of work, wages, merit raises, etc. Those issues will only be addressed through the normal management channels as described in the published University policies.

The Compliance Reporting Process

Only compliance - related issues will be investigated. To report inappropriate conduct of the kind previously described, you may telephone the CAU Compliance Hotline at (404)-589-8006, located in the Compliance Department. You may also write confidentially to the Chief Compliance Officer located at 215 Harkness Hall by writing "Hotline/Confidential" on the envelope. You will not be required to identify yourself, but you may do so if you wish, in which case you will waive your anonymity.

Please be prepared to do the following:

  • State whether or not you want to identify yourself and waive anonymity;
  • Describe the inappropriate conduct;
  • Identify the party or parties involved, if known;
  • State the rule, law, regulation or policy violated, if known; and
  • Provide any other information that may be useful in reviewing or investigating the reported inappropriate conduct.

The Compliance Hotline is staffed daily during normal business hours by a trained professional who will document your report of inappropriate conduct. This report will be provided to the Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel within one business day of your call. All compliance reports are investigated and addressed as appropriate.

If you have questions about appropriate employee conduct or CAU policies, you should review the CAU Code of Conduct.

Clark Atlanta University will not take any retaliatory action against an employee because the employee discloses, threatens to disclose or is about to disclose to a supervisor, to the Compliance Hotline an activity or practice at the University that the employee reasonably believes is in violation of the institutional policies and procedures, applicable laws, regulations, governmental directives and the like, or is incompatible with appropriate business conduct.

*unless waived