University Policies


Code of Ethical Conduct

Records Retention

Conflict of Interest

Student Affairs

Code for Student Conduct

Study Abroad Program

Public Safety

Finance and Business Services

Student Agency Accounts

Equipment Property Management

Central Receiving

Advance/Pre-Award Costs Approval For Federally Funded Projects

Purchasing Policies and Operating Procedures

Student Debt Collection

University Travel

Fiscal Responsibility

Financial Aid


Awarding Student Title IV Grant

Federal Work Study Program Handbook

Human Resources

Sexual Harassment

Employment of Relatives

Personnel Actions

Personnel Files

Employee Confidentiality

Timely Submission of Human Resources and Payroll Documents

Student Employment 

Drug and Alcohol Prevention


Title IX Policy 

Children in the Workplace

Infectious Disease

Volunteering on Campus

Job Announcements

Probationary Evaluation Period

Classification of Employment

Campus Threats and Violence Policy

Absenteeism and Tardiness

Dress Code

Temporary Telework Policy

Mandated Reporting of Abuse or Neglect of a Child, Elder Person or Disabled Adult

Background Checks

Research and Sponsored Programs

Misconduct in Research

Sub-recipient Monitoring

Export Control

Institutional Advancement

Gift and Donor Solicitation/Fundraising

Gift Acknowledgement and Stewardship

Gift Acceptance

Endowment Establishment


Procedures for Conducting an Investigation of Possible NCAA Violations


Title III Policy and Procedure Handbook

Information Technology

Acceptable Use of Computer Equipment

Password Policy

Email Policy

Remote Access Policy

Information Security Policy