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Community Outreach

The Center for Cancer Research and Therapeutic Development (CCRTD) focuses on reducing the burden of prostate cancer disparities through research, outreach, and education. In an effort to provide information on health disparities which disproportionately affects the African-American population, CCRTD established a community initiative as part of its research efforts. Prostate cancer has a devastating effect on the health of African-American men and therefore is of great concern. This disease is curable if detected early during tumor development and, therefore, regular screening of men after the age of 40 may reduce the mortality rate among African-American men.

It is our goal to become a national center dedicated for dissemination of information regarding prostate cancer to the community at-large and specifically to the African-American population. CCRTD community outreach/education core plans implements and co-sponsors several outreach initiatives aimed at educating African-American men in the metro-Atlanta area. Promoting prostate cancer awareness and annual testing for prostate cancer is emphasized through community health fairs, town hall meetings, and special presentations at community churches, print media, and electronic media including CAU-TV, WCLK Radio and other media outlets.


Dr. Kimberly Davis provides overall direction and coordination for the Community Outreach/Education component.


CCRTD created a unique prostate cancer registry that will capture information from male patients/survivors epidemiological profile, clinical disease information and data regarding their experiences throughout their prostate cancer continuum.  The vision for this registry is to provide cancer patients/survivors a unified voice to advance the understanding and challenges that universally impact men, specifically African-American prostate cancer survivors.

The registry will provide individuals that are affected by prostate cancer more informed and active decision making within the context of a supportive community that can possibly lead to improved quality of life and enhanced possibility of survivorship.  It is our hope that the findings from this registry will provide support and empower survivors as they transition from active treatment to post-treatment.

The Prostate Cancer Registry is accessible online at Upon registration and account set-up respondents will have access to the site where they can complete questions about their prostate cancer experience. In addition, subjects can create a personal account to add a profile to further discuss their cancer experience.

For additional information please contact CCRTD at 404-880-6878 or by email at


In an effort to provide information on health disparities, which disproportionately affects the African-American population, CCRTD developed and sponsors a monthly radio show entitled “Your Health Connection” in collaboration with CAU radio (WCLK 91.9 FM). This program is hosted by Paula Gwynn Grant, who is a nationally known journalist and host. The shows platform includes a panel of individuals whose expertise and experiences relate to cancer and other health issues and callers have the opportunity to field questions to those individuals and also share their experiences. In addition, the show informs listeners about medical research, general health promotion and illness prevention tips, health news updates, service and program profiles, and lifestyle tips. Join us every third Wednesday of the month on 91.9 FM!


CCRTD operates an established year round program of community education to educate African Americans about the risk of prostate cancer, its impact on African American communities, and the importance of prostate cancer and informed decision making.  In partnership with School of Social Work at CAU, CCRTD is the host of free educational sessions to provide the general population with information about prostate cancer. These session were conducted at a variety of different venues, including churches, libraries, and community organizations. During these seminars an overview of the prostate health is given by a professional. We then have a prostate cancer survivor share their experience with an emphasis on the importance of early detection and making informed decision making.


CCRTD has worked in partnership with several local and national community organizations, which include but are not limited to the following organizations: The Prostate Net, The National Football League Former Players Association (NFLFPA/ Atlanta Chapter), Atlanta Public Library, Georgia Prostate Cancer Coalition, Atlanta Falcons National Football League, Comprehensive Men’s Health Initiative, Blue Flowers Org., and the English Avenue/Vine City Ministerial Alliance by co-hosting several local events, which include health fairs, prostate cancer awareness events, educational seminars, and conferences in an effort to provide information regarding the prevention, treatment and impact of prostate cancer among minorities and underserved populations. Facilitating respectful, transparent relationships is an important benchmark of a successful academic-community partnership for CCRTD.