The Prostate Cancer Registry

The Center for Cancer Research and Therapeutic Development (CCRTD) at Clark Atlanta University created a unique prostate cancer registry that will capture information from male patients/survivors epidemiological profile, clinical disease information and data regarding their experiences throughout their prostate cancer continuum.  CCRTD's vision for this registry is to provide cancer patients/survivors a unified voice to advance the understanding and challenges that universally impact men, specifically African-American prostate cancer survivors.

The registry will provide individuals that are affected by prostate cancer more informed and active decision making within the context of a supportive community that can possibly lead to improved quality of life and enhanced possibility of survivorship.  It is our hope that the findings from this registry will provide support and empower survivors as they transition from active treatment to post-treatment.

The Prostate Cancer Registry is accessible online at Upon registration and account set-up respondents will have access to the site where they can complete questions about their prostate cancer experience. In addition, subjects can create a personal account to add a profile to further discuss their cancer experience.

For additional information please contact CCRTD at 404-880-6878 or by email at