CAU Print and Mail Center

Clark Atlanta University’s Print & Mail Center provides innovative solutions that are tailored for the overall needs of our campus. We offer a centralized mail and print center that is equipped with skilled employees, multifunctional devices, and advanced technologies to help provide a wide array of services.

Our overall objective is to provide turnkey solutions for students, faculty, and our retail clientele. We are conveniently located on-site and will be happy to serve your needs as it relates to printing, shipping and mail services.

CAU Print & Mail Center

223 James P Brawley Drive SW
Henderson Student Center- 3rd floor
Atlanta, GA 30314 


HOURS OF OPERATION (Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 Term)

Monday- Friday 8:30am-5:30pm
*Saturday- 9:00am-12:00pm
  • On Saturdays, we do not offer outbound mail services. We are also closed on Saturdays during the summer after graduation occurs and we will reopen for Saturday operations the first Saturday of the fall semester move in.

Print/Copy Services

​The CAU Print & Mail Center provides affordable and convenient printing and copying services for students, faculty, staff and the local community. 

We offer competitive pricing on the following items;

  • B&W and Color Copies
  • Large Format Printing/Mounting Services
  • Business Cards (CAU Template)
  • Resume Printing
  • Brochures and Flyers
  • Outgoing Faxing
  • Booklet Printing
  • Form Duplication
  • Vinyl Banners
  • Customize Print Projects

Stay on campus and let us do the work for you!

UPDATED CAU Print Order Guidelines - Effective March 1, 2020  
CAU Budgetary Guidelines:

All print orders that are over $49 will require a purchase order in Panther Buy-before the Print & Mail Center is able fulfill the work order.  This is in compliance with our CAU Purchasing Policy.  Please use the following vendor name for your purchase order:  CAU PRINTSHOP.

Outside Vendors:

All print order using CAU funds should use the CAU Print Shop.   Prior to using an alternate vendor, a bid from the CAU Print Shop should be acquired.  If the CAU Print Shop cannot beat or match the price/turnaround time, then an alternate vendor may be considered.  The budget office will be monitoring for this compliance.

Departmental Jobs:

Please be aware that any print job that is submitted without the entire budget control number string (Fund, Organization, Program, Account) will NOT be printed or processed until the complete number is received.  The print job will be put on hold by staff until the accounting information is provided.

Print Job Submission
Jobs Submitted After Hours:

Any print jobs submitted after 5pm or received when our facility is closed will not be available for pick the following morning. We will need a minimum of 4-8 hour turn around unless staff member negotiates another time frame/deadline. Please plan jobs accordingly.


Business Services along with CAU Print & Mail Center, will offer standard printing/copies to all students.  The devices are located in the Living and Learning Center located in each residence hall. There is also a printer/copier located in the Student Center (across from the Smoothie Shop). You will be able to use your Panther PAW Cash funds to pay for print/copies.

  • On-Campus Residents: Living Learning Centers located in your residence hall (until further notice, Heritage Commons and CAU Suites residents should request their copies/printing from the Print Center)
  • Commuters: Bring your print/copy requests to the Print Center or use the Canon device located in the Student Center on the second floor.
  • Graduate students: Continue using the Graduate Research Center for this service.
  •  Log onto the CAU workstations with your student credentials (within the labs) and
    send digital files directly to designated printer or use the copy function on the
    print/copy device
                                          Please reference FAQs for additional information
                                             or contact the Print Center at 404-880-8015

All devices will be monitored and serviced by the Print & Mail Center during normal business hours;

Mon- Fri: 8:30-5:30pm
Saturday: 9am-12pm
Contact : (404) 880-8015

· Availability to print after hours or on weekends when CAU Print & Mail Center is closed
· Printing/copying services are available within your Residence Hall
· Print drivers are set as default printers for each work station
· Print Adobe® PDF and Microsoft® Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Visio) documents
· Print images including PNG, BMP, JPG, GIF formats
· Configure print job details including number of copies for 81/2 by 11 paper size
· Manage and view print job status Click here for instructions Click here for student print FAQs





The Panther Print & Mail Center is the university’s liaison for multiple inbound shipping couriers such as the United States Postal Service (USPS), Federal Express (FedEx), United Parcel Service (UPS), DHL, and other domestic and international couriers. 

Our center processes all incoming mail and packages for students that reside on campus. (Beckwith, Brawley, Holmes, Merner, Pfeiffer, Suites, and Beckwith Village). We do not accept mail and packages for non-residential students.

In addition to inbound mail, we also offer outbound shipping services as well. Our preferred method for processing shipments is United States Postal Service (USPS). Your price can be determined based on the weight of your package and the desired shipping method. A staff member will be happy to assist you with finding the best rates and packaging for your outgoing shipments. 

The Panther Print & Mail Center also serves as a drop point for your pre-paid, outgoing FedEx, UPS and USPS packages.

Retail Mail Services

  • First Class Mail
  • Priority Mail
  • International Mail
  • Campus Mail drop off (Fed-Ex, UPS, USPS)
  • Stamps

 Shipping Services

  • USPS
  • UPS

Student Mail
Picking up packages and letter mail:

Once added to the database for mail, you will receive an e-mail notification from the Panther Print & Mail Center when a package or letter mail arrives for you assuming we have your updated information on file. Please follow the next steps to retrieve your actual mail/ package:

  1. Once you receive a notification, simply visit the Panther Print & Mail Center or your designated Parcel Locker to retreive your items/mail. 
  2. If your items/mail have been delivered to the Panther Print and Mail Center please have your PAWCard (CAU ID card) ready for verification .
  3. If your items/mail have been delivered to a Parcel Locker you will use your emailed verfication code or barcode to access your locker and retrieve your items/mail.

Mail Forwarding

During the Summer, USPS First Class mail (letters, large envelopes, and small packages) can be forwarded to your home. You must complete a mail forwarding form located at the Panther Print and Mail Center to request this service within 7 days of the semester ending.  

If you will be studying abroad or away from campus for other reasons during the academic year, please let us know so we can discuss your mail forwarding options.

Mail will not be forwarded during holiday breaks. Forwarding service is not available for packages shipped via USPS, FedEx , UPS and DHL.  If not picked up within the alotted timeframe those packages will get returned to the sender.

Please Note:

  • If you are graduating, transferring or withdrawing... First Class mail and packages shipped via USPS will be forwarded to your home address for a limited time. 
  • Please note that Federal Express and UPS packages cannot be forwarded and will be returned to the sender if you are not on campus.
  • Six (6) weeks prior to permanently leaving CAU, you should notify all senders of a change of address.  Do not submit a change of address with USPS.


Student Parcel Locker FAQ’s

Faculty/Staff Mail Services

We process all outgoing departmental mail, inter-campus mail, business mail, personal mail and packages for CAU faculty and staff.

A CAU mail meter card is required for all outgoing departmental mail. Please include your department and office budget code to be charged. All metered mail should be delivered to the mail center by 3:00 p.m. to be considered for same-day service.  

CAU Print & Mail Center
223 James P Brawley Drive SW
Henderson Student Center- 3rd floor, Atlanta, GA 30314
Phone Number: (404) 880-8015

For additional information or questions please contact Mark Numa

233 James P Brawley Drive SW
Student Center Building- 3rd floor
Atlanta, Ga. 30314
Phone Number: (404) 880-8015

Monday - 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Tuesday - 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Wednesday - 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Thursday - 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Friday - 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
*Saturday - 9:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m.
On Saturdays, we do not outbound mail services.
We are also closed on Saturdays during the summer
after graduation occurs and we will reopen for Saturday
operations the first Saturday of the fall semester move in.