IncludED Bundled Book Program


The Clark Atlanta University IncludED Book Bundle initiative is designed to increase our undergraduate students' academic success! The IncludED book bundle supports optimal academic achievement, affordability, and accessibility for undergraduate students to support their matriculation at CAU.

Academic Achievement:

  • Students will have access to their own course textbook and material, positioning the students well to increase the likelihood of academic
  • Both faculty and students have indicated students perform better when having the required course material than those who do.


  • Students will now have the choice to use financial aid to pay for their course materials
  • Since the books are now bundled, students are able to purchase their books at a cost below market


  • All undergraduate students will have access to their books on the first day of
  • Whether digital or print, the process is convenient for students obtaining their books.

IncludED Book Bundle FAQs:


 Who is eligible for the Book Bundle Program (IncludED)?

All undergraduate students with 12 or more course hours will automatically receive the book bundle and associated fee when they are enrolled at CAU for each semester. 

 How do I purchase my books?

You course materials are automatically ordered for you based upon your class registration and materials chosen by your professor for each course. Do not purchase materials separately.

What if my books are online or digital?

You will receive an email from Follett customer service to your student email giving you instructions on accessing your digital materials. Some materials are automatically loaded to your bookshelf within your course in CANVAS. Please review the “helpful hints” flyer for more specific information below or visit the Campus Store webpage in the IncludED area.

Do I need special software to read these eBooks?

The books are readable using a number of devices, including laptops, desktops, and mobile devices.

What if my books are not online or digital-new or rental?

Textbooks that are only available in print form will be available for pick up from the CAU Campus Store approximately one week prior to the term starting. You will receive a communication when your materials are ready to your student email.

I'm a new undergraduate student and don't have a tablet or mobile device. What should I do?

There are numerous facilities on campus that students can use to access their books such as the AUC Library. The CAU Bookstore also has laptop options available for purchase.

How do I pay the IncludED Book Bundle Fee?

The IncludED book bundle fee is $390 for the 2022-2023 academic year per semester for Fall and Spring (not available for Summer term.  The fee is added to your student account automatically along with all other university fees for each semester.  You may use the same payment method/source as those you use to pay your tuition and fees.

 Can I opt out of participating in this program?

Yes.  Opt-out is required for each semester.  You may opt out when registration opens for the upcoming term through the 3-week deadline prior to the first day of class each semester.

 If you choose to opt out, please review the following information:

  • You will be fully responsible for purchasing and receiving all required textbook(s) for each course by the day prior to the first day of class day for the first semester.
  • If you opt out through the completion and submission of this form, you will not be permitted to opt in at a later date for the current semester.
  • Your student account will be credited for the IncludED Book Bundle fee automatically within 24 hours after the form is submitted online by deadline.

 The OPT OUT form is located in Banner>>Enter Secure Area>>Student Services & Financial Aid>>Student Records>>Opt Out Form. 

 Can I opt in at a later date?

You will automatically be in the book bundle program for each Fall and Spring semester if you have 12 or more hours of courses.

Can I share these eBooks with friends or family members?

All the books included in this initiative are protected under international copyright law. This means that when you purchase the IncludED book bundle, you are only purchasing one license for each book contained in the bundle. Each publisher will have different limitations relative to downloading and copying their textbook.

If late enrolling (1st day of class or later), when is the latest that I can still be on the book bundle program:

The book bundle fee will not assess after two weeks prior to census (see the academic calendar).  You will need to purchase your course materials separately.  The following term, you will be automatically enrolled in the program.

Where can I email any questions or concerns?

Questions or concerns can be emailed to Or contact the CAU Campus Store Course Materials Hotline at 404-880-8521

HELPFUL HINTS for Course Material Access