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Clark Atlanta University Parking
Phone: (404) 880-6295
After Hours Gate Issues: Contact Public Safety at 404-880-8623

Parking at Clark Atlanta University provides a professional atmosphere and parking to address the needs of the faculty/staff and student body. Campus parking areas vary in terms of location and proximity to campus facilities. Official campus signs, maps and markings are designated to facilitate a more organized parking experience. 

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.   Saturday and Sunday:  CLOSED

The parking office is located in the parking deck on the first floor at 190 Mildred Street, SW, Atlanta, GA 30314

Visitors Parking

Visitors to CAU should parking in the Visitor's Parking Deck at 190 Mildred st, SW, Atlanta, GA 30314. Please refer to the Transient Parking Rates.

Please refer to menu on right for Parking Registration for Students, Faculty/Staff and Contractors/Vendors.


Immobilization Policies

1. Clark Atlanta University's Campus Police Officers and Parking staff may remove, impound, or immobilize, at the owner's expense, vehicles from institutionally controlled property under the following circumstances:

a. When the vehicle is in a designated tow zone;

b. When the vehicle is illegally parked, unattended, and constitutes a safety hazard or obstruction of traffic;

c. When the vehicle is left unattended on a street or in a parking area continuously for more than threendays under circumstances which tend to indicate that it has been abandoned. The vehicle will be towed to a private wrecker company.

d. When the vehicle remains in a space or area after time stipulated to vacate the space or area (by posted sign or written notice) due to a special campus event;

e. When the vehicle is parked in a posted fire lane, accessible parking space, marked “reserved” space, or other areas reserved for special use;

f. When the vehicle is parked on lawn, sidewalk or grass area;

g. When the vehicle remains in a parking lot after the posted time stipulated to vacate the lot;

h. When authorized by Georgia Code 40-6-206 or Georgia Code 32-6-2.

2. Clark Atlanta University's Campus Police Officers may remove, impound, or immobilize at no expense to the owner, vehicles from institutionally controlled property under the following circumstances:

a. When the vehicle is unattended and legally parked but constitutes a safety hazard or obstruction of traffic;

b. When a vehicle must be removed in the interest of safety of persons or property because of fire, flood, snow, or emergency reasons.

3The University assumes no liability for damages to vehicles operated or parked on University controlled property or to vehicles during impoundment or immobilization.

4. Fines are hereby established for violations involving motor vehicles parked within Universities boundaries.

5. All fines shall be paid at the Parking Office, located at the corner of Fair Street and Mildred Street, directly behind Clark Atlanta University’s Henderson Student Center.

6. Permitted parkers must agree to abide by the parking rules, regulations, and policies, and understand that they are subject to the fees designated in the parking policy. Further, Clark Atlanta University and Laz Parking/Georgia, Inc. are not responsible for theft, damage, loss of vehicle(s) or items contained within vehicle while parked on Clark Atlanta University property.

Inquiries regarding impounded vehicles should be directed to the Parking Office at (404) 880-6295.


Procedures for reclaiming immobilized vehicles:

Report to the Parking Office, Monday- Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. The fine is $50.00 or $75.00, methods of payments credit cards (Visa or MasterCard) or Money order.

The Parking Office maintains a record of every vehicle immobilized/towed, fines paid, location vehicle immobilized/towed on a daily basis. The immobilization/towing log will be provided to the university officials as part of the month end report.


Anyone who feels that their vehicle is immobilized or towed in error or unfairly must complete a written apeal to the Parking Appeals Committee after the fine is paid in full. After review, if the appeals committee rules in the favor of the appellant the fine will be refunded. Appeal forms are available on the Business Services webpage. 

Appeals are to be made to the proper authorities by completing the Appeals Form within five (5) days of vehicle immobilization.


Completed Appeals to:

The Office of Business Services