Contractor/Vendor Parking


Lot Locations and Pricing for 2021/2022:

Decals can be picked up at the parking office once the reservation process is completed (M-F, 9AM-4PM). Each parker must complete the online contract even if the organization is paying for the parker. Parkers can of course pay on their own. Any parker should be actively employed at the CAU location and have a CAU PAW Card (needed to receive the permit).

All major credit cards or company checks are accepted for payment.

Parking Locations for Contractors 2021:

Contractors/Vendors may reserve the Visitors Parking Deck, V.W. Henderson** lot, or Stadium** lot.   

**C&W Services Only.

Parking Rates: (pro-rated to half usual annual fee):

Visitor’s Parking Deck: $200.00

V.W. Henderson, Stadium: $175.00

If you require a special timeframe, you will need to complete the registration form and contact the parking office manager for rates and payment arrangements.

Transient, hourly parking is also available in the Visitors Parking Deck without buying a permit.

Contractor/Vendor Registration Form