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The Thompson-Flemister Adopt an Artwork Program


Caring and preserving a permanent collection of art is one the principal responsibilities of an arts institution in possession of a cultural trust. CAU’s permanent art collection is one of the University’s most esteemed assets, as it is a national patrimony that serves as a pedagogical resource across academic disciplines.  In an effort to augment the institution’s commitment to care for its collection, the museum offers an “adoption” program focusing on numerous works that require conservation. Selected paintings and prints from the permanent collection are presented here for donors to “adopt” for the cost of their conservation. We hope our audience will embrace this essential program by becoming proud “parents” of some of the Collection’s most important treasures for the following reasons: 

  • Upon completion of the treatment, the underwriter’s name will forever be associated with the object.  
  • You will know that your tax-deductible gift supported a specific cause.
  • Your name will always be listed on the object label as the conservation donor whenever it is on view.
  • Your contribution to the welfare of the artwork will be a part of the work’s official record, in perpetuity.
  • You will have the satisfaction of knowing that your gift helped preserve one of the most important educational tools that serve the mission of the University.

Work(s) by the following Artist are in need of conservation: William H. Johnson, Henry Linton, Patricia Walker, Mark Hewitt, Cesar, Henry Bannarn, Donald H. Roberts, Alvin Smith, Charles Alston, Falrath Hines, William Edouard Scott, Beauford Delany, William M. Farrow, David Driskell, and Jason Shoener.

If you are interested in adopting a work email or call 404.880.6102.  

*This program is the innovation of the collection’s principal patrons, Brenda and Larry Thompson, and the family of artist Frederick Flemister, who have been instrumental in the documentation and promotion of the Clark Atlanta University Art Collection.