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Clark Atlanta University Art Museum
provides a range of aesthetic and educational experiences for the Clark Atlanta University community and the general public. In serving both the academic goals of the institution and public interests, the museum disseminates knowledge about and stimulates interest in African and African Diaspora art via special exhibitions, programs, and publications developed in-house and in cooperation with other museums and cultural institutions. The exhibitions and related programs are specifically designed to enhance the development of these communities through the collection, preservation, exhibition and interpretation of works of fine art that engage with key art movements and intellectual currents of the 20th and 21st centuries.

A national forum for artists of African descent, Clark Atlanta University Art Museum fosters visual literacy and intellectual engagement for university faculty and students, public school groups, and the community at-large. The museum’s staff offers tours and opportunities for in-depth scholarly research on specific works of art in the permanent collection. In addition, we are a pedagogical resource for undergraduate and graduate courses concerned with sociocultural, psychological, and historical issues related to Africa and the African Diaspora.