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You are invited to join a distinctive group of art patrons called the Friends of the Clark Atlanta University Art Collection. Composed of individuals who champion the appreciation of art and the significance of cultural history, the Friends provide opportunities for enrichment, education, entertainment, and involvement. Comprised of individuals who champion the appreciation of art and the significance of cultural history, the Friends of the Atlanta University Art Collections provides opportunities for enrichment, education, entertainment and involvement. It is our mission to give art a greater breadth in our daily lives, where it has the most penetrable effect unconstrained by words. 

There are also naming opportunities for the Galleries and in the Aspacio Atrium of The Art of the Negro Murals.

Clark Atlanta University is the fortunate steward of several cultural art treasures. Highlighting these treasures is a series of six murals entitled The Art of the Negro, by Hale Woodruff (1900-1980). Renowned for its historic and comprehensive collection of art by African Americans, the University also houses small yet notable African and Contemporary art collections.

Having achieved the objectives of re-housing the Collection in 1996, and more recently publishing a major catalogue of its holdings, In the Eye of the Muses, 2012, we wish to engage the support of both the local and national communities in maximizing the preservation and presentation of our permanent Collection.

Toward this goal, the Friends organization assists the University in promoting the Collection and temporary exhibitions, and in developing new audiences.

The Galleries continue to provide special education activities, lectures and excursions to exhibitions. However, much more can happen with active participants contributing their ideas and efforts.

The Friends motto is Art as Agency for Life. Underlying this theme is our belief that art plays a vital role in improving the quality of life in our communities.

Students $15 - For individual high school or college students
Senior Citizens $15 - For individual seniors, age 65 or older
Individuals $25
Couples/Families $40
Organizations $60

For schools, libraries, and other nonprofit organizations:

  • Contributor       $100
  • Supporting       $250
  • Sustaining        $500
  • Benefactor       $1,000

Make checks payable and forward to:

Clark Atlanta University Art Collection
Trevor Arnett Hall
223 James P. Brawley Drive
Atlanta, Georgia 30314