Transfer Policies/Procedures

The following regulations apply:

  • Transfer credit for University core courses is approved in the Office of Student Recruitment and Admissions and major courses approved by the chair of the department in which the student applies for admission.
  • Transfer credit will be awarded on a course-by-course basis.  Only course in which the student has earned a grade of “C” or better will be considered for transfer credit.
  • A student may receive credit toward graduation for no more than ninety (90) credit hours unless otherwise defined by an articulation agreement between Clark Atlanta University and the previous institution.  A transfer student with ninety (90) credits of accepted transfer credits may earn an additional twelve (12) credits through the University’s Study Abroad program.  Transfer and transient credit hours (combined) may not exceed 90 credits.
  • Transfer credits exclude courses below the 100 level. 
  • Course credits completed on the campus of Clark Atlanta University including Atlanta University cross-registration and Atlanta Regional Council for Higher Education (ARCHE) exchange programs with other colleges and universities and consortium agreements will be (1) treated as CAU credits and included in students’ residency requirements and (2) excluded from the ninety (90) credit transfer limit.
  • A transfer student must satisfy the Clark Atlanta University Core Curriculum requirements prior to graduating.  If a transfer student decides to change his/her major another evaluation of transfer credits must take place to meet graduation requirements.

Transfer Students with Associate Degrees: Students in two-year and community colleges may apply for transfer before completing the two-year program. Graduates who have received the Associate Degree are generally, but not always, classified as juniors when admitted to Clark Atlanta University. The courses accepted and the number credits completed will determine the classification of a transfer student.

Evaluation of Transfer Credits:  Credits earned at other institutions, including the other intuitions of the Atlanta University Center, are accepted as semester-hour credits in partial fulfillment of the graduation requirements.  Quarter-hour transfer credits will be converted to semester-hour equivalents (one quarter credit being equivalent to two-thirds semester-hour credit.) 

In order to be accepted for transfer credit, students must have earned minimum final grades of “C” from regionally accepted institutions.  All transcripts received by the University from previously attended institutions become part of students’ permanent academic records.  Grades earned at other institutions, which are not on a 4.0 scale, are converted to the 4.0 scale by the Office of Undergraduate Student Recruitment and Admissions or the University Registrar for appropriate comparisons. 

Transfer work for University core courses is evaluated in the Office of Undergraduate Recruitment and Admissions.  Transferred major courses to be applied towards the student’s degree program are evaluated by the intended major department.  The results are returned to the Office of Undergraduate Student Recruitment and Admissions for recording and are communicated to the prospective transfer student. 

Transferable credits may not include courses below the 100 level.  Each quarter hour is equivalent to .66 semester hours. 

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