Academic Council

Academic Council

The Academic Council has the responsibility for reviewing all University academic programs and related matters. The Council receives and reviews, from the various Schools, proposals and policy decisions regarding the Schools’ respective programs. The Council is a policy-recommending body, which may initiate studies and reviews in consultation with the Deans of the respective Schools. The Council has the authority to make recommendations to the President on all matters that relate to the academic programs and mission of the University.

Standing Committees of the Academic Council

Committee on Committees 
The Committee on Committees ensures that communication and exchange between and within the faculty and the administration are facilitated through an institutionalized network of Standing Committees.

University Curriculum Committee 
The University Curriculum Committee considers and recommends to the Academic Council appropriate action on all matters connected with educational policy of the undergraduate and graduate programs. The Committee reviews the actions of the Schools with respect to their graduate and undergraduate curricula and courses of study. The Committee is particularly concerned with requirements for all degrees; methods of instruction; programs of study, and regulations concerning scholastic standing; policies for new courses of study; and the modification of existing courses.

Committee on External Programs and Continuing Education 
The Committee on External Programs and Continuing Education exists to develop, review and recommend policies, procedures and criteria which guide credit and non-credit continuing education activities. On and off-campus programs are reviewed and evaluated for effectiveness. Recommendations resulting from such reviews are forwarded to the Academic Council for action.

Committee on Research and Sponsored Programs 
The Committee on Research and Sponsored Programs is advisory to the Academic Council. Its basic functions are to recommend policy on the solicitation of research grants and contracts throughout the University, and to give general supervision to the implementation of such policies. The Committee reviews the types of research proposed and conducted, as such relates to research capabilities of the University, and provides advice and recommendations about the adequacy of University resources.

Library Advisory Committee 
The Library Advisory Committee deliberates institutional concerns, as well as provides input from faculty, staff and students regarding the Robert W. Woodruff Library. The Committee also serves as a liaison between the academic departments of the University and the Woodruff Library in developing and reviewing appropriate polices and procedures.

Committee on Admissions, Financial Aid and Scholarships 
The Committee on Admissions, Financial Aid and Scholarships plans, develops, reviews and recommends policies and procedures that guide the University’s plan for establishing admission standards and for coordinating financial aid awards and scholarship programs. The Committee assists in monitoring the effectiveness of undergraduate and graduate admissions, and financial aid and scholarship programs; and ensures that the policies and procedures established relate to the educational purpose of the University.

Committee on Undergraduate Academic Standards and Standing 
The Committee on Undergraduate Academic Standards and Standing administers all regulations, which concern the program of study and the scholastic standing of undergraduate studies. It may present proposals for changes in these regulations to the Academic Council. The Committee determines whether students who are academically deficient shall be required to withdraw from the University and whether students who have withdrawn because of academic deficiency shall be readmitted. The Committee is also responsible for the formation and administration of policies with regard to student records.

Committee on Athletics 
The Committee on Athletics reviews policies and procedures which guide the intramural and intercollegiate athletic programs; and ensures that the philosophy and purpose of the programs are in harmony with the University’s purpose. The purpose of the Committee is to foster the Intercollegiate Athletic Program and provides oversight for the University’s compliance with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SIAC) rules and regulations. The Committee reviews all actions, which result in the admission of athletes to the University’s programs.

Committee on Student Life 
The Committee on Student Life reviews policies and procedures related to student activities and extracurricular programs. The Committee develops and recommends policies that govern student publications as well as policies and procedures on issues that may have health, social or political impact on the University. The Committee also reviews the student code of conduct and assists in the development of disciplinary policies and procedures.

Graduate Council 
The Graduate Council reviews and recommends to the Academic Council all general policies and regulations for graduate programs, general admissions requirements, foreign language requirements, procedure for conducting general examinations and regulations in preparation of theses and dissertations; academic standards and degree requirements; candidates to be awarded degrees; and new degrees and new degree programs for recommendation to the University Curriculum Committee.