Alma Mater

"Reign, Clark Atlanta"

Thy noble tricolor now ripples the breeze,
Bridging the mountains, spanning the seas,
Calling thy sons and thy daughters so true;
Reign, Clark Atlanta, we rally to you.

Hail! Alma Mater, we ever aspire
Thy sacred mission to fulfill entire;
Thy noble banner has lighted our way.
Hail to the Crimson, the Black, and the Gray!

Deep in our hearts shall thy precepts abide;
Culture for service, our goal and our guide.
Through stern privation, through fortune and fame,
We'll find a way and achieve in thy name;

Reign, Alma Mater, forever we pray-
Let the tricolor that heralds thy sway
Fly from the ramparts of learning so free,
For we shall ever be faithful to thee.

Reign, Alma Mater, our hearts be thy throne;
Reign, Clark Atlanta! Thou reignest alone!
Reign, Clark Atlanta! Thou reignest! Reignest!
Reign, Clark Atlanta! Thou reignest alone!