The Quality Enhancement Plan

Clark Atlanta University (CAU) has selected “Mentored Undergraduate Scholarly Endeavors” (MUSE) as the topic of its Quality Enhancement Plan. Supported by its vision to increasingly become a dynamic 21st century research university, one of the hallmarks of the CAU community is to promote innovation and collaboration in order to unite and make significant contributions to the knowledge of humankind. Scholarly Endeavors, which encompass both creative and research activities, is defined by the University, “as a systematic or focused inquiry, investigation, experimentation, or exploration – predicated upon intense use of mind – that makes an original, revised, expanded, or interpretive contribution to one or more disciplines in pursuit of knowledge, understanding, and the public good.”

The MUSE vision is to emphasize scholarly inquiry throughout the curriculum to improve undergraduate student learning and enhance and showcase students’ creative works/ performances and research initiatives. The program is designed to employ the high impact practice of student-faculty engagement through curriculum infused pedagogy of creativity, research and discovery across undergraduate academic programs. The University, through this program, aims to fundamentally change the culture of teaching and learning by adapting more relevant, real-world inspired, creative and research-rich educational experiences for students at CAU.


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