Spring 2020 Grade Option Form

Extraordinary circumstances of the Spring 2020 Semester upon the nation and the world dictated difficult decisions be made in the best interests of our students, faculty and staff. After careful consideration of input from students, faculty, Department Chairs, Deans, and other members of the Academic Affairs Leadership Team, as well as consideration of Covid-19 responses at other institutions, the Offices of the President and Provost have made an executive decision to implement a limited term policy (applying only to Spring 2020 Semester), that allowed students to make a choice regarding the form of their final grades for each course they complete. Thus, the following decision stands for Spring 2020 Semester.

All undergraduate courses in the Spring 2020 Semester will be graded Pass/No Pass, unless the student elects to receive an earned letter grade for the course. Grading of Graduate courses and courses in the Professional Schools will be determined by the Dean of each School, upon consultation with the Provost, secondary to accreditation guidelines, licensing requirements, and the Department of Education policies. 

Students were required to declare their preference to earn letter grades via a web form by April 30, 2020. This deadline allowed students time to acclimate to the online/remote instruction environment and to make an informed decision.  This timeline also provided for Deans to validate the option for Pass/No Pass grades for Graduate courses as well as courses in programs with licensure and certification implications.

As noted in consistent and regular communication, students are not able to reverse their decision regarding the Pass/No Pass or standard letter grade election after they have submitted the web form.