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Mandela Washington Fellowship Project Activities

The Mandela Washington Fellowship includes:

• A 6-week Academic and Leadership Institute: Fellows are placed at U.S. colleges and universities for academic institutes. Institutes will focus on skills development in one of three areas: Business and Entrepreneurship, Civic Leadership, or Public Management. Institutes will take place from mid-June to late-July 2015.

• A Summit with President Obama in Washington, DC: At the conclusion of the academic and leadership institute, all Fellows will participate in a Presidential Summit. The Summit will take place in early August 2015.

 An optional 6-week U.S. Professional Development Experience: As part of the Fellowship application, individuals may apply to participate in a Professional Development Experience (PDE) at a U.S.company, civil society organization, or public sector agency in the United States. Approximately 100 Fellows will be selected for the U.S.-based PDEs, which will take place from mid-August to late September 2015.