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Title III
134 Thayer Hall
223 James P. Brawley Drive, S.W.
Atlanta, GA 30314
Phone: 404-880-8505    
Fax: 404-880-6058

Email:  titleIIIprogram@cau.edu

Facilities - Renovation of The Research Center for Science and Technology
Haven-Warren, 3rd Floor
Office: 404.880.8491     Fax: 404.880.6058

Activity Director:  Ms. Bonita Dukes (Dr. Marcus Shute)

Activity Assistant:  Ms. Calandra O'Neal (Mr. Paul Abrahams)

The purpose of the activity is to:
  1. Renovate existing, non-functional facility to a fully functional animal research facility to support the centralization of the histology core;  The renovation will provide the capability to temporarily house animals, perform surgeries and perform research training for students. The proposed improvement, totaling 5,175 SF including the 1,282 SF animal research facility, will add necessary core facilities to accommodate new faculty and address increasing demand of the currently funded, pending and future research activities at Clark Atlanta University
  2. Build a 140 SF Histology core (the branch of biology that studies the microscopic structure of animal or plant tissues) in the penthouse of RCST that will improve and centralize the current Histology core housed on the 4th floor and upgrade equipment necessary for autostainer and tissue processing system, and
  3. Make accommodations for additional students to facilitate interdisciplinary research, collaboration and training.  

This activity supports the following University Strategic Plan:

  • Strategic Priority #3: Align Learning, Knowledge/Discovery and Performance. 

It will support the overall strategic plan by achieving academic excellence and expand learner experiences based on best practices in instruction, involvement in inquiry, and the use of practical experiences.

The laboratory renovations will require (3) years to complete due to the complexity and availability of the laboratory facilities as they are used for instruction during the academic year.  It is anticipated that this activity will receive Title III funding for three years.  

The overall goals expected to be accomplished during this time is an improvement of the quality of research computational analysis and enhancement of student research resources in the Research Center for Science and Technology. The new state of the art histology core will provide centralization of histology equipment in one location for high quality, histology work to be performed efficiently for the biomedical investigators at CAU.  CAU faculty will be able to produce high quality publications that will lead to more grant funding. Overall, this activity will increase productivity of biomedical researchers, and attract and retain high quality faculty, researchers, and students to CAU.  The close proximity of this animal facility to the new histology core lab (addressed in Specific aim 1) will provide increased efficiency, due primarily to its proposed close proximity to the animal rooms. Thirty-three (33%) of the activity’s goals will be accomplished each year.  

During the 2012-2013 Grant Year, a new 6-story stair tower will be constructed to support the animal research facility operations.  Industry standard procedures for building construction and equipment installation and testing will be the methodology used to achieve these goals.