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Title III
134 Thayer Hall
223 James P. Brawley Drive, S.W.
Atlanta, GA 30314
Phone: 404-880-8106
Fax: 404-880-6058

Email:  titleIIIprogram@cau.edu

Student Learning Infrastructure and Training through the
Office of Information Technology and Communications
Harkness Hall, 1st Floor
Phone: 404.880.8954     Fax: 404.880.8734

Activity Director:  Mr. Reginald Brinson
Activity Assistant:  Ms. Patricia Alamutu


This activity supports the university’s strategic priority of aligning learning, knowledge/discovery and performance. This activity will improve and enhance the university’s competitive standing when compared to our cohort group and offer students greater accessibility to learning opportunities through the expansion into Online Learning and improve our ability to attract students who will be able to clearly see how the university will help them to acquire the technology skills required to compete in their field of endeavor.

Title III funding for this activity will span the full 5 year grant cycle.  The overall goals of the activity are:

  1. Ensure at least 30 concurrent students can access the wireless network in each classroom in which instruction occurs in classrooms in Carl and Mary Ware Academic Center, Clement Hall, Wright Young Hall, Sage-Bacote Hall, Haven Warren Hall, Knowles Hall and Oglethorpe Hall within 5 years.
  2. Ensure a minimum of 1,000 virtual desktops images can be accessed by students and faculty to conduct teaching and learning within 3 years.
  3. Provide web-based and/or face to face training support for the use of collaboration enhancement and productivity tools for faculty, students and staff support areas within 5 years.

By September 30, 2012, enhance the wireless network in Carl and Mary Ware Academic Center to allow at least 1,050 concurrent wireless connections will be available in the learning spaces.

By September 30, 2012, increase the number of available virtual desktops images/application instances for use by students and faculty by 200. 3.

By September 30, 2012, provide a total 8 total web-based and/or face to face training (LIVE@EDU, SMART Board, SharePoint or WebCT ) sessions for Faculty and a total of 8 web-based and/or face to face training sessions (LIVE@EDU, Microsoft Office and SMART Board) sessions for students.