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Title III
134 Thayer Hall
223 James P. Brawley Drive, S.W.
Atlanta, GA 30314
Phone: 404-880-8505    
Fax: 404-880-6058

Email:  titleIIIprogram@cau.edu

Activity Director:  Dr. Sean Warner
Activity Assistant:  Mr. Saheed Jordan


This activity is designed to improve and strengthen the delivery of the Early Childhood Education program such that the knowledge, skills and professional dispositions of the candidates and faculty are thoroughly enhanced to carry out the mission, vision, and core values of the Clark Atlanta University; also will enhance faculty and staff’s ability to assess student learning outcomes, overall aiding in student success and degree completion.  This activity supports the following University Strategic Plan:
  • Strategic Priority #3:  Align learning, knowledge/discovery and performance.

The university goal surrounding this priority is all about achieving academic excellence, expanding learning experiences for both faculty and students and ensuring that the curriculum, technology and faculty are current and relevant through revamping the Early Childhood Education program.

In reconstructing the program the faculty-teaching in Early Childhood Education will be expected to retool through various professional development activities; core curriculum must have greater alignment with the GACE II exam; and ultimately the program must have key assessments that are integrated, aligned with state and national standards and most importantly regularly and systematically analyzed and evaluated for continuous improvement.

During the 2012-2013 year, the focus will be on assessing and restructuring the core curriculum and faculty development. The Faculty will be introduced to new methodologies, practices materials, hardware and software that should inform their professional knowledge, skills and value system associated with the discipline. All of this will be carried out through lectures, trainings and workshops to improve their knowledge of content and content delivery congruent with the 21st century demands of the P-5 classroom.