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Clark Atlanta University
134, Thayer Hall
223 James P. Brawley Dr., SW

Atlanta, GA  30314
Phone: 404-880-8106    
Fax: 404-880-6058
Email:  titleIIIprogram@cau.edu

Clark Atlanta University Process Renewal Initiative

Activity Director:   Ms. Lucille Mauge
Activity Assistant:  Mr. Kevin Davis

The Clark Atlanta University Process Renewal Initiative(CAUPRI) is a continuation of CAU’s  efforts to becoming a Unified Digital Campus (UDC) with the SUNGARD Banner System as the core technology solution as the cornerstone of this initiative. However, the Banner System is not the only component. CAU’s vision along with the expertise of SUNGARD proposes through implementation to develop CAU into a UDC; that is, establish an environment in which people, processes, and technology interact seamlessly to strengthen institutional performance.  This will allow CAU to realize measurable improvements in the areas of constituent and student services, accountability within our business units, teaching and learning.

The purpose is to enhance Clark Atlanta University’s institutional management by creating/maintaining management information system(s); developing, integrating and updating database(s); and training/developing institutional staff in the functional areas of Finance, Financial Aid,  Student and Student Health Services, Academic Affairs/Faculty and Human Resources. This activity will serve as a supplemental initiative. This Activity supports the following University's Strategic Plan: 

  • Strategic Priority #1:  Build and execute institutional accountability for enrollment management
  • Strategic Priority #4:  Improve and maintain financial strength and viability.

CAuPRI’s improvement in the university’s processes will affect all areas of the university; including, efforts in the success of the enrollment management system for students. 2012-2017 Grant Cycle This activity will receive two years of Title III funding during this cycle -- Grant Year 2012-2013 and Grant Year 2013-2014.  The overall goals for this activity include targeting the following benefits:

  1. Customer Satisfaction;
  2. Efficiency;
  3. Control; 
  4. Risk Mitigation;
  5. Data Integration.

By focusing on the above five benefits, this Activity will strengthen the university’s performance in all of the functional areas.  For GY 2012-2013, 40% of the overall goals are expected to be completed. For GY 2013-2014, 60% of the remaining overall goals are expected to be completed.

The next steps for this activity will be to transition the overall training of developed policies and procedures to respective departments.  This will be based on SUNGARD and CAU’s collaboration. Personnel hired under Title III funding will be transitioned into respective business units of the University and salaries and fringes will be absorbed. Further, the CAuPRI initiative and its personnel will work with the University’s current and upcoming initiatives under the University’s ‘Strategic Plan’ and the forthcoming Information Technology/Project Governance initiative.