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Promoting Academic Success through Early Intervention Strategies
Haven Warren, 2nd Floor
Office: 404.880.8184     Phone: 404.880.8982

Activity Director:  Dr. Cynthia Clem
Activity Assistant:  Ms. Sandra Herrington


This activity seeks to identify, define and provide strategies to improve academic performance among freshman and sophomores identified as "at risk" as well as enhance the knowledge and skills sets of faculty and staff to support the needs of these students.  It will provide early intervention services improve academic performance thereby aiding in increased retention, persistence and graduation rates at Clark Atlanta University.   This activity supports the following Strategic Plan:

  • Strategic Priority #3: Align learning, knowledge/discovery, and performance.

Students who are "at risk" will be assessed semi-annually to determine academic support needs. The battery of assessments will identify specific study skills needs as well as strategies for providing support. The academic advisement training program will enhance and expand the knowledge of topics relevant to "best practices" in academic advising. Upgrading the study skills laboratory will provide increased opportunities for students to receive tutoring, study skills sessions, general online inquiry and academic support. Again, more computer access enhances the possibilities and probabilities for students to receive assistance to improve academic performance and persistence towards graduation.

The program will be developed and implemented during the first year of the grant cycle. It will include learning theory, student development theory, multicultural issues, career development, and foundations of academic advising as well as academic policies and procedures. Approximately 40 faculty and staff will participate in the initial program. As the activity evolves, ongoing training will be conducted by participants who successfully complete the program.