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Strengthening the Office of Planning, Assessment and Research
Kresge Hall, 3rd Floor
Phone: 404.880.8061     Fax: 404.880.8737

Activity Director:
  Mr. Narenda Patel
Activity Assistant:  Ms. Dawn Mitchem


This activity will analyze annual TracDat assessment plans and periodic program reviews on a regular basis for content quality, alignment, relevance, functionality and applicability. To evaluate and document the appropriate use of best practice standards, methods and tools that measure quality and effectiveness of assessment program achievement. To expand on-going data collection and reporting to include findings and application of the results from internal and external surveys, trend and comparative data analysis to support administrators in managing day-to-day university operations, monitoring and allocating resources, and making decisions to enhance institutional programs and services. OPAR will maintain data on student enrollment, retention, and success. This activity supports the following University Strategic Plan:

  • Strategic Priority #1: Build and execute institutional accountability for enrollment management
  • Strategic Priority #2: Build institutional capacity
  • Strategic Priority #3: Align learning, knowledge/discovery and performance
  • Strategic Priority #4: Improve and maintain financial strength and viability
  • Strategic Priority #5: Embrace and provide leadership in community development and environmentally stability

The time-frame that this Activity will be funded is for five years, 2012-2017 Grant Cycle. The goals desired for that time-frame: (1) Expand and maintain a comprehensive institutional assessment portfolio of strategic and annual plans and periodic program reviews, self-studies, and evaluations. (2) Build 15 mission critical institutional dashboard indicators to monitor, measure, and assure institutional effectiveness.