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Financial Literacy

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Financial Literacy Initiative
Haven Warren, 2nd Floor
Phone:  404.880.8069     Fax:  404.880.8070

Activity Director:  Mr. Nigel Edwards
Activity Assistant:  Mr. James Muhammad

The Clark Atlanta University financial literacy and college success plan supports the following University Strategic Plan:

  • Strategic Priority #1: To build and execute institutional accountability for enrollment management

While the key factors impacting college persistence and success for undergraduates at Clark Atlanta are located across a number of areas, including academic and social, for many the key factors are linked to finances and financial education. Currently, "TG Financial Literacy Program," a financial literacy component provided annually by the Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation, is included in new student orientation, which consists of eight instructor led modules. Each module is designed to be taught independently and is scalable and can also be taught in increments.

  1. We want to know what are the financial issues impacting students’ success at Clark Atlanta University and other institutions.
  2. We will listen and learn about best practice models at other institutions and apply those that will be useful to implement at our university.
  3. We will gather financial literacy resources to better inform our understanding on this topic.

For the 2012 – 2013 year, the main focus is getting the program up and running. We plan to implement a viable and sustainable financial literacy program that will address skills necessary for them to be viable members of society at large.