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Whitney M. Young, Jr., School of Social Work
Thayer Hall

Program Information

BSW Program - (404)880-8506

MSW Program - (404)880-8399

Ph.D. Program - (404)880-8506

Field Education- (404)880-8461

Alumni Requests - (404)880-6600

Office of the Dean

Dr. Jenny L. Jones
Dean and Professor  
Telephone:  (404)880-8549/ Email:  jjones@cau.edu

Dr. Margaret S. E. Counts-Spriggs,
Associate Dean/ Associate Professor
Telephone:  (404)880-8863/Email: mspriggs@cau.edu

Mrs. Diona Dallas, Executive Assistant to the Dean
Telephone: (404)880-6600/ Email: ddallas@cau.edu

BSW Program

Dr. Shonda Lawrence
Program Director / Associate Professor
Telephone:  (404)880-6732/ Email: slawrence@cau.edu 

Dr. Mustapha Alhassan, Assistant Professor
Telephone:  (404)880-6834/ Email: malhassan@cau.edu
Mary Curtis Ashong, Assistant Professor
Telephone:  (404)880-8861/ Email: mashong@cau.edu

MSW Program

Dr. Joi Showell
Program Director/Assistant Professor
Telephone:(404)880-6664 / Email: jshowell@cau.edu

Dr. Corinne Warrener, Assistant Professor, 
Telephone: (404)880-8531/ Email: cwarrener@cau.edu

Dr. Charcella Green, Lecturer
Telephone: (404)880-8561/ Email: ccgreen@cau.edu
Dr. Kenya Jones, Assistant Professor           
Telephone:  (404)880-8093 /Email:  kjones1@cau.edu
Dr. Youseung Kim, Assistant Professor     
Telephone:  (404)880-8559 /Email:  ykim2@cau.edu

Dr. Therthenia Lewis, Lecturer
Telephone: (404)880-8791 / Email: tlewis1@cau.edu

Dr. William Thomas, Lecturer
Telephone:  (404)880-8561/ Email: wthomas@cau.edu

Dr. Avis Turner, Lecturer
Telephone: (404)880-6781 / Email: aturner@cau.edu

Dr. Erika Walker-Cash, Lecturer
Telephone: (404)880-6667/ Email: ewalker-cash@cau.edu

Joanne Bassett, Senior Staff Assistant  
Telephone:  (404)880-8399 /Email: jbassett@cau.edu

Ph.D. Program

Dr. Eyitayo Onifade
Program Director/Associate Professor                                        
Telephone: (404)880-8091/ Email: eonifade@cau.edu

Dr. Richard Lyle, Associate Professor
Telephone: (404)880-8006/ Email: rlyle@cau.edu

Dr. Gerry White, Assistant Professor  
Telephone:(404)880-6905/ Email: gwhite@cau.edu

Shatavia Fulton, BSW/Ph.D. Senior Staff Assistant
Telephone:(404)880-8506/ Email: sfulton@cau.edu


Office of Field Education

Dr. Darrin Wright,
Assistant Professor and Director of Field Education
Telephone: (404)880-8556/ Email:  dwright@cau.edu

Aisha Alvarez, Program Assistant
Telephone:(404)880-8461/ Email: aalvarez@cau.edu


Title III Coordinator

Mrs. Vivienne Mitchell, MSW
Telephone:  (404)880-8244 /Email: vmitchell@cau.edu

Visiting Faculty

Dr. Ivis Renee King, Assistant Professor
Telephone: (404)880-8774/ Email: iking@cau.edu