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The sports and entertainment industry has emerged as one of the leading occupational areas of the century. Both categories cross all social, religious, and language barriers. It has been estimated that over 5 million sport related jobs are in existence today. Clark Atlanta University’s Sports and Entertainment Management program combines theory and experiential learning to prepare graduates to assume managerial positions or create their own business enterprises serving these industries. Students engage with leading practitioners and talent to gain first-hand knowledge of what it means to work and succeed in these fields.                         

The courses listed below meet the requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration with a Sports and Entertainment Management Concentration.

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CBUS 380 - Entrepreneurial Thinking
3 credits

Focuses on all aspects of starting a business: selecting promising ideas, initiating new ventures and obtaining initial financing. Examines analysis of procedures necessary for developing or acquiring a major management and equity position in a new or existing business venture. Concentrates on how ventures are begun, how venture ideas and
other key ingredients for start-ups are derived, and how to evaluate new venture proposals. Explores business plan development.

    CBUS 373 - Sports and Entertainment Marketing
3 credits

This course is designed for students interested in application of marketing principles to sports, entertainment, and event marketing. Emphasis is placed on the following principles as they apply to the industry: branding, licensing, and naming rights; business foundations; concessions and on site merchandising; economic foundations; promotion; safety and security; and human relations.

CBUS 374 - Sports and Entertainment Law
3 credits

An examination of the sports and entertainment industry requires delving into the law of contracts, labor, anti-trust, intellectual property, torts, Internet and the U.S. Constitution. Our analysis begins by studying college sports, amateur sports, Olympic sports, and Title IX's impact on athletic opportunities for women. A significant amount of
the classroom material is devoted to surveying the major professional team sports including looking at collective bargaining agreements, labor discord, privacy, salaries, drug testing and freedom of movement from team to team. The economic aspects of both professional sports and movie industry are explored. This includes looking at team franchise movement in professional sports and financing, producing, and distributing movies and TV. The role of the Screen Actors Guild is reviewed at length. Agency law is also examined in the context of the relationships involving agents (and/or managers) who represent celebrities and athletes.

CBUS 375 - Managing and Operating in the Sports and Entertainment Industry
3 credits

This course offers an overview of the sport business and entertainment industry and examines the principles and applications of sport business and entertainment management in professional, collegiate, and Olympic sports. Issues such as talent identification, hiring and firing, and cultural, social and community issues are explored.



CBUS 486 - Sports and Entertainment Practicum
3 credits

This is a course through which students can culminate their educational and internship experiences by choosing a project that is germane to the student’s career path. The project may be combined with an internship in the industry.

CBUS 487 - Contemporary Issues in Sports and Entertainment Management
3 credits

The emphasis will be on the application and “real-life”/“pracademic” perspectives from people in the field (professional guest lecturers interact with students in the class).