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The Management Department offers curriculum and instruction in the forms of work that all managers must perform - planning, organizing, Staffing, motivating, and controlling. The objective is to provide students with the knowledge necessary for being an effective manager in the private and public enterprise sectors.

The courses listed below meet the requirements for the Master of Business Administration Programs.

Course Description

MBA Core Courses

CSB 5709: Managerial Communications.

3 credits

Designed to increase knowledge of verbal, nonverbal and written communications that take place in an organization; grammar applications; effective letter writing, memoranda construction; preparation of executive summaries and proposals; individual and group oral presentations; and related office cases and exercises are emphasized. Prerequisite: first year's core courses.


CSB 5710: Organizational Behavior.

3 credits

Emphasis on developing understanding and knowledge of organizational behavior and human performance in the organization setting.


CSB 5712:Legal, Social and Ethical Aspects of Business.

3 credits

Study of basic legal concepts and procedures as well as basic principles pertaining to fundamental business transactions; cases used to identity the effect of laws on business policy decisions; social and ethical aspects of business are also described.

CSB 6710: Business Policy.

3 credits

Development of students' ability to integrate their knowledge of various functional fields of business; it approaches the field of policy-making and administration from a top-management point of view. Prerequisite: first year's core courses.

MBA Elective Courses

CSB 5711: Management of Organizations.

3 credits

Fosters student's ability to analyze, understand, and design organizational systems; focus on organizational design as a managerial tool for influencing individual behavior; special attention on structure, the selection process, performance, appraisal, control systems, and reward practices as means for affecting human behavior in organizations. Prerequisite: CSB 5710.

CSB 6711: Research and Reports.

3 credits

Designed to increase knowledge of analyzing business problems and preparing and reporting solutions to them through formal and informal reports and oral representations. Identifies business research problems; reviewing the literature; collecting data; investigating and analyzing practical cases in business and indus­try; applying proper statistical treatment to data; writing reports; and making for­mal presentations.

CSB 6712: Industrial and Labor Relations.

3 credits

Study of the history and development of organized labor, collective bargaining, and government's role in management-labor relations; consideration of the interaction of management and labor in relation to the bargaining process.

CSB 6715: Theories of Organizations.

3 credits

Covers major theories relevant to the structures and functions of organizations and the behavior of individuals and groups within them. Prerequisite: CSB 5710.

CSB 6718: Personnel Management.

3 credits

Aids students in understanding current theories and emerging practices in developing a sound personnel program in today's organizations. Prerequisite: CSB 5710.

CSB 6720 Entrepreneurial Thinking

3 credits
Focuses on all aspects of starting a business: selecting promising ideas, initiating new ventures and obtaining initial financing. Examines analysis of procedures necessary for developing or acquiring a major management and equity position in a new or existing business venture. Concentrates on how
ventures are begun, how venture ideas and other key ingredients for start-ups are derived, and how to evaluate new venture proposals. Explores business plan development.

CSB 6721 - Sports and Entertainment Marketing

3 credits

This course is designed for students interested in application of marketing principles to sports, entertainment, and event marketing. Emphasis is placed on the following principles as they apply to the industry: branding, licensing,
and naming rights; business foundations; concessions and on site merchandising; economic foundations; promotion; safety and security; and human relations.

CSB 6722 - Sports and Entertainment Law

3 credits

An examination of the sports and entertainment industry requires delving into the law of contracts, labor, anti-trust, intellectual property, torts, Internet and the U.S. Constitution. Our analysis begins by studying college sports, amateur sports, Olympic sports, and Title IX's impact on athletic opportunities for women. A significant amount of the classroom material is devoted to surveying the major professional team sports including looking at collective bargaining agreements, labor discord, privacy, salaries, drug testing and freedom of movement from team to team. The economic aspects of both professional sports and movie industry are explored. This includes looking at team franchise movement in professional sports and financing, producing, and distributing movies and TV. The role of the Screen Actors Guild is reviewed at length. Agency law is also examined in the context of the relationships involving agents (and/or managers) who represent celebrities and athletes.

CSB 6723 - Managing and Operating in the Sports and Entertainment Industry

3 credits
This course offers an overview of the sport business and entertainment industry and examines the principles and applications of sport business and entertainment management in professional, collegiate, and Olympic sports. Issues such as talent identification, hiring and firing, and cultural, social and community issues are explored.

CSB 6731 Financing Entrepreneurial Ventures

3 credits

Students will learn that the most difficult part of launching a new enterprise is financing. Various financing options will be discussed and explored. Special emphasis will be placed on nontraditional and emerging financing techniques emerging on the internet.

CSB 6732 Marketing the Entrepreneurial Venture

3 credits
Students will explore the various options available to market their venture. Emphasis will be placed on the use of low-cost and not cost strategies and tactics. Use of technology and social media will be reinforced and evaluated.

CSB 6733 Entrepreneurial Practicum

3 Credits
This course seeks to immerse the student in real life experiences of an entrepreneur. Each student will be expected to spend 6-8 weeks interning in a small business in order to better hone their understanding of being an entrepreneur and the challenges that each faces. Afterwards, the student will utilize the knowledge learned to complete his/her Business Plan.