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Master of Arts in Accounting Program


Master of Accounting Program

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This program leads to the award of the Master of Arts degree in accounting. The Master of Arts in accounting requires 30 semester hours. Successfully completing the degree will allow students with an undergraduate degree in Accounting or the equivalent to satisfy the 150 semester hour requirement in most states and territories for admissions to the unified Certified Public Accountants (CPA) examination.

As soon as possible, candidates for Admissions to the CPA examination are strongly advised to verify any additional courses required by their desired state or territory of certification.
The following sample plan of study illustrates how required and elective courses can be arranged for students pursuing the Master of Arts degree in accounting. This is a suggested plan of study, not a mandatory one. However, students must adhere to all program requirements and course prerequisites.

First Semester

Semester Hours: 15

  • CSB 6618 - International Accounting - 3
  • CSB 6620 - Cost Management Systems - 3
  • CSB 6621 - Current Accounting Theory and Practice - 3
  • Graduate Elective - 3
  • Graduate Elective - 3

Second Semester

Semester Hours: 15

  • CSB 5606 - Advanced Auditing - 3
  • CSB 5690 - Fund Accounting - 3
  • CSB 6623 - Adv. Accounting Information Systems - 3
  • Graduate Elective - 3
  • Graduate Elective - 3

Students are encouraged to select graduate electives from the other business disciplines of Finance, Marketing, Management, Economics, and Decision Science as well as from the Computer Information Systems discipline. Basic courses, which substantially duplicate courses required for entry into the program (e.g., CSB 6600, Financial Accounting and CSB 6610, Managerial Accounting), will not be approved as graduate electives for the Master of Arts in Accounting program.

The Chairperson of the Accounting Department serves as the student advisor for the Master of Arts program in accounting.

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