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The finance curriculum is designed to provide students with tools required for careers in financial management in corporations, financial services industry, and not-for-profit organizations. Course offerings at graduate level include required courses for all students enrolled in the School of Business Administration and elective courses for students concentrating in the finance area.

Course offerings at the graduate level are designed to equip the students with the breadth of knowledge required to become effective financial analysts and managers in a rapidly changing global economic environment.

All MBA students are required to take the Financial Management course (CSB 5410) as part of the MBA curriculum. MBA students with a concentration in finance are required to take the Corporate Finance (CSB6416) in addition to a minimum of three additional finance electives from the list of electives described in this section. 60 hours are required for the MBA degree.

Course Description for Graduate Program
  MBA Core Courses

CSB 5410: Financial Management.               

4 credits


Provides broad exposure to financial issues useful to general management in an increasingly global multidisciplinary environment; enables students to develop useful approaches in analyzing risks and financial returns in a variety of business situations, and the process of reaching the optimum decision from their analysis. Topics include financial forecasting, working capital management, valuation, short-term financing, capital structure planning, and capital investment decisions. Prerequisite: SB 6600


MBA Elective Courses


CSB 6411: International Financial Management.

3 credits


Introduces the process of financial management in the  international context; extends analysis of the financial management course to include effect of international forces on foreign investment and cash flows and develop strategies which the financial manager can use for effective management. Topics include study of International capital markets, Country Risk Analysis, Foreign exchange market, derivative instruments and risk management, financing international trade and capital budgeting in an international context. Prerequisite: 5B 5410.


CSB 6413: Capital Markets and Investment Banking.

3 credits


Examines role of investment banking firms in the capital acquisition process, from the points of view of security issuing firms and institutional and individual investors active in capital markets. Topics include the security issuance by both corporate and not-for-profit organizations, and the role of the investment bank in corporate restructuring and corporate control contests. Prerequisite: 5B 5410.


CSB 6414: Management of Financial Institutions

3 credits


Examines the role or financial institutions in the financial system; with special emphasis on depository financial institutions. Study of the different types of financial institutions that include Investment Banks, Insurance companies, Pension Funds, Commercial Banks and Savings and Loans. Analysis and discussion of the changing regulatory environment, the performance of financial institutions in this environment, asset-allocation decisions, asset-liability management, inter­national operations and the international financial system, asset securitization and other contemporary topics in financial services. Teaching method include lectures, cases and problem solving. Prerequisite: 5B 5410.


CSB 6415: Real Estate Finance.

3 credits


Focuses on techniques of analyzing and financing real estate investments. Topics include sources of funds, financing instruments, role of various financial institutions and the regulatory environment. Prerequisite: 5B 5410. Students with a concen­tration in Finance may only take one real estate course to satisfy the Finance concentration requirement. Any other real estate course will be counted as a general MBA elective.


CSB 6416: Corporate Finance          (Formerly Management of Financial Resources).

3 credits


Examines the long-term asset selection and allocation policies of corporations. Coverage includes advanced topics in Capital Budgeting, Leasing, Valuation of corporate assets, applications of options in Corporate Finance and interaction of investment and financing decisions. Teaching methods include case analysis, lectures and a term project. Computer usage required. Prerequisite: 5B 5410. This is a required course for all MBA students with a concentration in Finance.


CSB 6417: Security Analysis and Portfolio Management.

3 credits


Development and implementation of evaluative techniques of security analysis and portfolio management utilizing case analysis, lectures and problem solving. Securities analyzed include stocks, bonds, convertibles, asset-backed bonds, options and mutual funds. Examines risk and return characteristics in a portfolio management context. Emphasis on performance measurement, equilibrium pricing and valuation models, anomalies and other strategies. Teaching method include case analysis and discussion.Prerequisite: SB 5410.


CSB 6419: Commercial Lending.

3 credits


Focuses on development of skills necessary in designing loan contracts and other issues in credit analysis. Topics include loan pricing, syndication, private placements, project finance and loan workout situations. Lending to a variety of industries and businesses will be examined. Prerequisite: SB 5410.


CSB 6420: Real Estate Investments.

3 credits


Advanced treatment of materials in SB 6415; looks at theory and practice of equity investments in real estate assets, with emphasis on commercial properties. Topics include impact of leverage, taxes, securities regulation, REITS, joint ventures and public underwriting of real estate investments.Prerequisite: SB 5410. Students with a concentration in Finance may only take one real estate course to satisfy the Finance concentration requirement. Any other real estate course will be counted as a general MBA elective.


CSB 7400: Special Problems in Finance.

3 credits


This special topics course provides an opportunity for an in-depth study of selected contemporary topics in finance, outside of the regular finance curriculum. The course can be repeated for course credit for different topics.Prerequisite: permission of the instructor or SB 5410.