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Kellye Jones, Ph.D.

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Kellye Jones, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Dr. Kellye Jones joined Clark Atlanta University School of Business as Chair of the Department of Management & Marketing and Associate Professor. Her areas of teaching expertise include Management and Entrepreneurship. Through prior administrative duties, Dr. Jones has assisted in the development of Executive MBA programs and has served as Coordinator for an Entrepreneurship program. 

Examining entrepreneurial strategy as it relates to the diffusion of new technology within organizations is a pivotal area of research and consultation for Dr. Jones. This work entails analyzing and evaluating the impact of technology on the organization and its structure. Devising firm strategy for effective diffusion of this technology is also a focal point. A second research stream undertaken by Dr. Jones explores entrepreneurial strategy embraced by female, minority, and immigrant entrepreneurs. Consistent with this area of investigation, Dr. Jones has been awarded a Kauffman Center grant for entrepreneurship. Her work has been published in Journal of Small Business Management, Journal of Business and Entrepreneurship, and Women in Management Review

Dr. Jones has integrated her academic and practitioner experience and given her involvement in both research and practice has a heightened awareness of the challenges and opportunities that contemporary organizations confront. She has developed corporate training and has provided consultative services for executives and senior managers at various business, professional, and governmental organizations including SBC, AT&T, The National Association of Women Business Owners, The National Association of Female Executives, The US Department of Labor, and The US Department of Commerce. Her primary areas of expertise include strategic thinking, planning and management, leadership, and, gender and diversity in organizations.