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Dr. Ivor S. Mitchell, Ph.D.

Dr. Ivor Mitchell, a native of Guyana, joined Clark Atlanta University in 1984 to occupy the Christine McEachern Smith endowed chair in marketing. He is currently Professor of Marketing. Prior to this, Dr. Mitchell was tenured Associate Professor of Marketing at Florida State University where he worked for 12 years from 1973 to 1984. During his professorship at Florida State University he was Fulbright Professor to Nigeria for two years from 1982-84. Again in 1993-95 while at Clark Atlanta University, he was Fulbright Professor to Guyana. While in Guyana he was involved in marketing Guyana to the world’s investors as Managing Director of the Guyana Office for Investment (GO-INVEST) for two years (1994-96). He was also Chairman of both the Guyana Post Office Corporation (GPOC) and the Government Buildings and Properties Committee. The latter organization was intended to rationalize the Guyana government’s occupation and ownership of its buildings and properties. He is the founder of Ivor Mitchell Associates, Inc., a consulting consortium of experts in cross-country growth analysis and marketing. The firm is affiliated with Dynatec Systems, Inc., a leading marketing consulting firm of Guyana and the Caribbean. 

His areas of research have included the following: market segmentation, beverage buyer behavior, economic development theory and modeling, marketing in Nigeria and Guyana, consumer shopping behavior in Guyana, consumer banking behavior in Guyana, cross-country growth analysis, and market reform and adjustment in developing nations. 

Prior to his entry into academia, Dr. Mitchell was a business practitioner both in the private and public sectors in a variety of different areas. His experience in the private sector in Guyana included managerial training assignments as a cadet with the United Kingdom-based multinational (Bookers McConnell) in fin-fish and shellfish processing, stock-feed processing, department store retailing, wholesaling; and insurance sales with Colonial Life Insurance Company (CLICO). In the United States, his private sector experience continued in the management of department stores at Sears and Woolworth department and discount stores, respectively. His experience in the public sector included assignments in investment promotion at the Guyana Development Corporation as department head in 1969-71, and Managing Director of the Guyana Chronicle and Guyana Printers Ltd. 

His recent publications include papers on: market reform and adjustment in developing nations (Columbia Journal of World Business, Social and Economic Studies, Annals of Public and Cooperative Economy); marketing theory (Management Decision); comparative marketing systems (Social and Economic Studies); and cross-country growth analysis (Guyana Stabroek News). 

Dr. Ivor S. Mitchell attended the University of Oregon where he received his MBA (Marketing) and MS (Economics), and the University of Georgia where he obtained his Ph.D. and was a Fulbright Scholar twice.