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About the School of Business

For more than seven decades, the School of Business Administration has provided a quality program of business management education for young men and women throughout the world.

Our enrollment is comprised of one of the largest pools of African-American business students in the nation, representing over 40 states and 30 countries. Our school has produced and continues to graduate the nation's largest number of African-American MBAs.

Our undergraduate program is one of the top 10 producers of African American business professionals in the nation. Our faculty continually research and consult on the latest management techniques. Our graduates enjoy leadership and management careers in public and private sector organizations throughout the _ world.

We have also produced a substantial class of entrepreneurs who are providing jobs and services regionally, nationally, and globally. Our history is rich. Building on our heritage, we will advance our enterprise and pursue new and broader horizons in business education.We are committed to developing future leaders who will provide innovative solutions to global business challenges. Therefore, we continue to employ our intellectual, financial and physical resources to pursue the goal of becoming one of the premier business schools in the country.

This vision requires the concerted effort of faculty, staff, students, alumni and our corporate partners. As we move toward this vision, we invite your input and help. We will continue our tradition of academic excellence, laying a foundation that will endure for centuries to come. Join us as we enter into a new era of accomplishment, a journey to excellence.