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Speech Communication

Mission and Goals

Students majoring in Speech Communication complete a liberal arts program that provides a foundation for them to acquire a general knowledge of theoretical concepts and their application in the fields of public address, rhetoric, organizational communication and communication management. In addition, they will master and demonstrate proficiency in the usage of oral and written communication; and understand the usage of interpersonal communication constructs in various contexts and situations.

The Theatre Arts program provides the student with liberal arts education that leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree. Majors devote a portion of their theatre studies to an examination of the history of theatre, the role of theatre in society, and the relationship of theatre to other disciplines. All areas of theatre acting, movement, technical and literary studies are integral parts of the theatre program. Educated in the use of oral and written communication, theatre majors have an appreciation for the theatre as an art form.

Active Program Opportunities:

The Department of Speech Communication and Theatre Arts hosts several organizations for majors and non-majors.

Clark Atlanta University Debate Team is composed of majors and nonmajors with a strong desire to engage in competitions on and off the campus of Clark Atlanta University that exercise the sport and art of intellectual debate. It also strives to educate debate team members and CAUstudents not only on the process of debate but also on relevant current world issues. These things are done while promoting professionalism and decorum among members of the debate team.

Clark Atlanta University Players (CAU Players)



is composed of majors and nonmajors with a strong desire to perform and produce challenging work. The mission of the CAU Players is to excite, educate, and entertain. The CAU Players present various productions yearly which range from classical works, musical works, children's productions, and one-act play festivals.

The Division of Communication Arts Bldg., Room G-75