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The Center for Functional Nanoscale Materials (CFNM)

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The Center for Functional Nanoscale Materials (CFNM) was established at CAU on November 1, 2006. The programs and activities of the Center are designed to meet the dual goals of advancing human understanding in the area of nanoscale materials and of increasing the capacity of Clark Atlanta University to train talented scientists in the physical sciences. The Center, though residing at Clark Atlanta University, is multi-institutional and brings into a mutually beneficial and cooperative relationship two-year and four-year colleges, research universities and the K-12 community. Furthermore, the Center brings together researchers and educators from different disciplines with demonstrated and complementary strengths in quality research and training students. In establishing the Center, several important tasks are:

To conduct beneficial and innovative research with the objective of realizing the potential of nanotechnology for the benefit of the Nation and all humanity.
To increase the number of students pursuing graduate and undergraduate degrees in the natural and physical sciences by increasing the number of students, in the precollege and two-year college pipeline, who will pursue degrees in the natural and physical sciences.
To enhance the productivity of participating researchers by a program of infrastructure enrichment.

Included among the Center’s expanding list of institutional partners are the Atlanta area school systems, Cornell University, Emory University, Perimeter College and iThemba Labs in South Africa.


The Center maintains active programs in selected areas of the nanosciences. The Center is organized into three interdisciplinary teams who are tasked with bringing to bare the talents of faculty, research scientists and students dedicated to advance the growth of nanoscience for the benefit of humankind.


The Center has developed a number of productive research and educational domestic and international partnerships. These include:

  • Emory University
  • Morehouse College
  • University of Texas Pan-American
  • Atlanta Perimeter College
  • Cornell University
  • iThemba LABS (Republic of South Africa)
  • Technical University of Georgia (Republic ofGeorgia)


The Center seeks to provide educational and growth opportunities for high school, college, and postdoctoral students as well as professional educators via its educational programs.

PROGRAMS: Nanoscholars Program

  • Summer Nanoscholars Program
  • CFNM/PRISM Program
  • CFNM/UTPA Program
  • Nanoscholars Abroad Program
  • ACS Project SEED


Functional Inorganic Nanostructures Functional Organic Nanostructures Biofunctional Nanostructures


Director: Dr. Ishrat Khan
Associate Director: Dr. James L. Reed
Manager: Ms. Joyce Lockhart

Lead Scientists:

Dr. Issifu Harruna - Functional Organic Nanostructures
Dr. Conrad Ingram - Functional Inorganic Nanostructures
Dr. Michael Williams - Biofunctional Nanostructures

To Contact Us:

Center for Functional Nanoscale Materials Clark Atlanta University 223 James Brawley Dr., S.W. Atlanta, Georgia 30314 Phone: (404) 880-6784 E-mail: cfnm@cau.edu