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7 Step Enrollment Process

Academic, Registration and Enrollment Guide

The steps below will assist with expediting the registration and enrollment process.

Step 1   Complete the academic advisement process with your assigned departmental advisor or department chair.

  •    First-Year Freshmen will be advised by the Office of Academic Enrichment and Success (AES) in Room 214 Haven-Warren Hall
  •    Graduate Students, Seniors, Juniors and Sophomores - Departmental Academic Advisor

Step 2   Pick up Registration/Alternate PIN from your advisor or department chair.

Step 3   Register for classes via Banner Web.

Step 4   Secure Campus Housing by visiting the Office of Residence Life located in Suite 245 in the Bishop Cornelius L. Henderson Student Center.

Step 5   Verify Financial Aid Award via  Banner Web.

Step 6   Verify Financial Enrollment via Banner Web. (Student Accounts).

Step 7   Pick up and/or verify activation of the student's Panther PAW Card from the PAW Office located on the 3rd floor in the Bishop Cornelius L. Henderson Student Center.

  • New students must complete the Panther PAW and Money Network Consent forms via Banner Web two (2) hours after completing the consent forms you can pick up your PAW Card.
  • Returning students card activation is automatically updated within two (2) hours after becoming financially enrolled.


Students with all charges and enough financial aid posted to cover the cost to attend will be automatically enrolled.  The system will not automatically enroll students who are part-time. 
(Graduates 5 hours or less and Undergraduate 11 hours or less).  Part-time students must complete the Part-time Enrollment Form.