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QEP Timeline Overview

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CAU QEP Timeline Overview

Phase I - Planning (October 2013 - August 2014)

  • Invite members of the University to serve on the QEP Committee
  • Select QEP Development Committee
  • Review Institution’s strategic plan, mission, vision, goals and objectives, institutional data, etc.
  • Identify QEP Focal Area
  • Select QEP Leaders
  • Kick-off QEP Committee Meeting

Phase II – Topic Selection (September 2014 – March 2015)

  • Identify Possible theme around the selected focus area (Undergraduate Research)
  • Conduct surveys of university constituents (faculty, administrators staff and students) to rate possible topics and suggest additional topics
  • Create list of the top five possible topics based on all input
  • Solicit two-page concept papers for topics/plans based on any of the top five topics
  • Evaluate two-page concept papers and present top 3 topics to SACSCOC Leadership Team/Executive Cabinet
  • Ask authors of top three to develop their proposal plans
  • Provide University constituents with progress report on the QEP development and proposal topics (Opening Institute)
  • Evaluate developed proposals and choose top three
  • Review the top three proposals, choose the winning topic/proposal

Phase III – QEP Development (March 2015 – May 2016)

  • Research literature and best practices on selected undergraduate research topic
  • Begin writing the QEP with involvement of relevant constituents
  • Complete 1st Draft of QEP for review by SACSCOC Leadership Team and Liaison
  • Make necessary revisions and complete 2nd Draft of QEP
  • Provide University constituents with progress report on the QEP development (Opening Institute)
  • Complete Final Draft of QEP for submission to SACSCOC Visiting Team
  • Facilitate QEP Town Hall Presentations
  • Submit QEP to SACSCOC Visiting Team
  • Make necessary revisions based on recommendations from the SACSCOC Visiting Team

Phase IV – QEP Pilot Implementation (August 2016 )

Phase V – QEP Full Implementation (August 2017 – July 2021)