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QEP Writing Team Members

Name Department
Dr. Corinne Warrener (Lead) Social Work (MSW)
Dr. Mustapha Alhassan Social Work (BSW)
Dr. Margaret Counts-Spriggs Social Work (BSW)
Dr. Obie Clayton Sociology/Criminal Justice
Dr. Veda Jairrels Education
Professor Christopher Hickey Art
Dr. Marjorie Campbell* Biological Sciences
Dr. Medha Talpade Psychology
Dr. Kenya Jones Social Work (MSW)
Dr. Sandra Taylor Sociology/Criminal Justice
Professor Mark Boozer Music
Dr. Gwendolyn Mitchell CFPD
Dr. Darrell Groves Education
David Duncan CIED
Dr. Seokwon Jin Social Work (MSW)
Dr. Danielle Gray-Singh Arts & Sciences

*No longer a member of the committee