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Concept Paper Instructions

Home Concept Paper Instructions

1)     Your concept paper must address one of the following categories/topics:

  • Faculty-Mentored Undergraduate Research
  • Research-Based Capstone Courses & Projects
  • Undergraduate Research, Creative Activities & Scholarship
  • Cross-Disciplinary Research


2)     Your concept paper must be completed using the form provided. (Additional references can be attached).

3)     The completed concept paper must include the following:

  • Title: Provide a short, descriptive title.

  • Problem Statement: Briefly describe the area of student learning this project is intended to enhance. Mention any available data indicating that students at CAU are deficient in this area.

  • Articulation with CAU’s Strategic Plan: Indicate how these activities will address elements of the CAU’s Strategic Plan.

  • Brief Description of the Proposed Activities: Briefly describe the proposed activities and their expected impact on student learning.

  • Goals, Measurable Objectives, and Outcomes for Student Learning: What are the goals and objectives for the proposed activities? What are the measurable student learning outcomes associated with these activities?

  • Assessment Methods: How will the University assess whether these activities are improving student learning outcomes?

  • Rough Timeline for Implementation: What steps or phases would be required to implement and assess these activities?
  • Estimated Resources Required: What additional staffing, faculty or staff training, equipment, or other resources would be needed to implement this plan?


4)     Email your completed concept paper to cauqep@cau.edu  by Monday, October 20, 2014.


FOR MORE INFORMATION contact the QEP Development Committee at cauqep@cau.edu