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CAU QEP Development Committee Timeline

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CAU QEP Development Committee Timeline


September 2014

  • Identify Possible theme around the selected focus area (Undergraduate Research)
  • Conduct surveys of university constituents (faculty, administrators staff and students) to rate possible topics and suggest additional topics
  • Based on all input, create list of the top five possible topics

October 2014

  • Solicit two-page concept papers for topics/plans based on any of the top five topics

November 2014

  • Evaluate two-page concept papers and present top 3 topics to SACSCOC Leadership Team/Executive Cabinet
  • Ask authors of top three to develop their proposal plans.
    • This plan will serve as a full proposal but will not be the actual QEP itself. The final QEP project, including SLOs and actions to be implemented, will be refined and developed by the QEP Development Committee.

January 2015

  • Provide University constituents with progress report on the QEP development and proposal topics (Opening Institute)

February 2015

  • Evaluate developed proposals and choose top three
  • Review the top three proposals, choose the winning topic/proposal

March – April 2015

  • Research literature and best practices on selected undergraduate research topic
  • Begin writing the QEP with involvement of relevant constituents
    • The QEP should include the implementation management structure: timeframe, responsible parties, actions items (objectives, deliverables, outcomes and specific measures), budget resources,  and a comprehensive assessment plan

May 2015

  • Complete 1st Draft of QEP for review by SACSCOC Leadership Team and Liaison

 July 2015

  • Make necessary revisions and complete 2nd Draft of QEP

August 2015

  • Provide University constituents with progress report on the QEP development (Opening Institute)


September 2015

  • Complete Final Draft of QEP  for submission

October 2015

  • Facilitate QEP Town Hall Presentations
    • Inform constituents on the QEP, what it is, why it was selected, how it impacts faculty, staff, administrators and students, what roles they have or how they can get involved, the implementation plan, and expected outcomes.

November 2015 - March 2, 2016

  • Submit QEP to SACSCOC Visiting Team

April 13 -15, 2016

  • Onsite Visit

May 2016

  • Make necessary revisions based on recommendations from the a SACSCOC Visiting Team