Federal Internships / Jobs

Below is a listing of sites that can help you find and apply for a federal internship or job!

Federal Internship Directory

  • Provides information on internships that match your interests, experience and skills.
  • Provides information on many fellowships and internships available during the school year as well as the summer.

Federal Job Search

  • Offers state-by-state information on federal job openings by occupation and the cities where they are located.
  • Sends applicants regular e-mails with new postings that match their career interests profile, including titles, salaries and locations of positions.

HOT Jobs

  • Provides a listing of "hot" jobs with various federal agencies.

Information on Security Clearances (Jobs that require a Security Clearance)

  • Apply early, the typical deadline and application period for summer internships and jobs that require security clearance is in November.
  • Basic background check of criminal and credit histories; including a review of law enforcement records, verification of education, past employment and citizenship.
  • Being honest is more important than having a spotless record.

Monster Public Service

  • Offers tips on applying for federal jobs and internships, as well as profiles of public servants.
  • Offers a free weekly e-newsletter, "Monster Public Service News," that contains updates on federal openings, hints, tips on applying and more.

Partnership for Public Service

  • The Partnership works to make the government an employer of choice for talented, dedicated Americans through educational outreach, research, legislative advocacy, and hands-on partnerships with agencies on workforce management issues.

Public Service Employees Network

  • Provides resources to help with government jobs that require entrance exams and offers sample questions from civil service tests.
  • Offers links to various personality and interests assessment tests to help applicants select fields and jobs suited to their strengths and occupational preferences.

Student Jobs / StudentJobs.gov Guide

  • Serves as a one-stop shop for information on government agencies offering employment for current students.

Student Programs

  • Provides a great introduction to internship and entry-level programs to help give students ideas about how to get their foot into the door.

USA Jobs is the government's official job posting site. / USAJobs.gov Guide

  • Matches your skills and interests to government careers and sends you regular e-mail messages when positions that meet your criteria are posted.
  • Allows you to create a resume suitable for most federal job applications and stores it for applying to multiple agencies.

Workshops and Training Materials

The “Find and Apply” Workshop and Training Manual (MS PowerPoint)

  • Learn how to search and apply for federal jobs and internships.
  • Learn how to navigate the federal hiring process.

KSA Writing Worksheet

  • Ace the knowledge, skills and accomplishments (KSA) section of the standard federal job application.
  • Worksheet designed to help students through the process, step-by-step.

Please visit Clark Atlanta's Career Center as another source to find positions within the federal government.

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