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Strategic Academic Plan Goals

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1.0 Academic Programs

Clark Atlanta University will maintain its tradition of providing strong academic programs that are consistent with its mission. The program will be framed by demands for intellectual rigor, critical perspective and connected learning. The University affirms the importance of providing students with diverse curricular offerings at the undergraduate, graduate and professional levels, and will place high priority on annual review and evaluation of programs consistent with the benchmarking framework established through the Strategic Academic Plan.

2.0 Campus Culture and Values

Clark Atlanta students will strive honestly for excellent achievement and for social justice. The alumni will be distinguished by their personal and academic integrity, self-esteem, respect for others, and aspirations derived from noble ideals; the institutional culture will inspire students and alumni who demonstrate loyalty to the University's ideals and programs in their subsequent careers and in sustained financial support.

3.0 Computer Technology and Distance Learning

Clark Atlanta University will provide state-of-the-art technology to facilitate access of all faculty, student and staff to all sources of information which enhance teaching, research, community outreach and extramural collaboration nationally and globally.

4.0 Evening and Weekend Programs

Clark Atlanta University will develop and implement an effective and efficient course management process that unifies all aspects of scheduling and enrollment and that optimizes the use of existing resources.

5.0 Enrollment Management

Clark Atlanta University will develop and implement a comprehensive and holistic enrollment management plan designed to achieve optimum recruitment, retention and graduation of students.

6.0 Faculty and Staff Development

Clark Atlanta University will maintain a diverse faculty and staff in optimal numbers, committed to improve instruction, to improve delivery of all support services to students, and to improve learning outcomes. Clark Atlanta will implement university-wide programs for faculty and staff development, faculty and staff evaluation, employee compensation and benefits, up-to-date faculty and staff handbook publication, and consistent interpretation of guidelines for rewards, recognition and sanctions.

7.0 Infrastructural Resources

To accommodate its current needs and anticipated growth, Clark Atlanta University will establish a superior system of support services which are delivered effectively, are cost efficient and are customer responsive.

8.0 Research, Service and Instruction

Clark Atlanta University will be firmly committed to faculty productivity in research, service and instruction; to the provision of essential academic support services including the full integration of technology into research and instruction; and to effective working relationships with local community organizations and agencies.

9.0 Academic Support Services

Clark Atlanta University will earn acclaim for a high-level, technologically advanced and effective program of academic support services for all its students.