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Funeral Remarks for Dr. Moses C. Norman, Sr.

Posted on Monday, July 17, 2017

It is with heartfelt sadness that the entire Clark Atlanta University community extends our deepest sympathies to the Norman Family.  We know, too, that our colleagues in the School of Education and its alumni nationwide have indeed suffered a great loss, and our hearts and with each and every one of them, as well. Dr. Norman personified the CAU pedigree:  disciplined leadership, service to all and unapologetic advocacy for safeguarding and promoting the welfare and well being of humanity, especially the academic and professional success of African-American students of promise.  
My wife and I are crestfallen over Dr. Norman’s death; however, we know that his spirit and the intentionality of his efforts in support of Clark Atlanta constitute a pillar upon which we all will continue to stand and continue to thrive.  His love for Alma Mater, his love for his students, his love of campus life and his unbridled zeal in working with faculty colleagues and friends were wonderfully infectious.  Over six decades, he helped perfect crucial aspects of the CAU experience, from alumni relations to athletic compliance.
As University president, I pray that God’s goodness and mercy continue to bless our CAU Family.  Bless us with strength to tackle the unknown.  Bless us with courage to fight for what is just.  And bless us with the ability to persevere for our cause is a noble one.
Dr. Moses C. Norman Sr. was an answer to our prayers.  He came to us and brought these blessings to us.  Many of you know well and have at your hand the long list of his professional accomplishments, from his service to our University as tenured professor of Educational Leadership, a nationally acclaimed expert on the pedagogical underpinnings of urban education, his record of service to Atlanta Public Schools, and his compassion and rigor with students at Spelman, Morris Brown and West Georgia colleges. You know, perhaps, the many recognitions for his service and professional excellence.  But these things, great though they be, are only part of the blessings that Dr. Norman brought to us.
We must understand that the extraordinariness of Dr. Norman’s life must be metered out not in his existence, but in the life he poured into others.  Some men would be content to wear their wisdom as a badge.  Moses Norman channeled his unselfishly to credential others.  Some would be content to rest upon their laurels and celebrate their high stature.  Moses Norman invested himself wholly into elevating others to reach their fullest potential.  So many leaders would be content to tell others what to do.  Moses Norman—with confidence and competency—actively empowered others to contend for positions of leadership.  He led and lived by example.

Among these truths, we find the path of a great dean, a great educator, a great husband, father, colleague and friend, and a righteous man: Dr. Moses Norman.  In this hour of bereavement, let us find joy in knowing that his path does not end.  Because Dr. Norman imparted so much into so many, his immortality now springs forth, not only in the Heavenly realms, but in the hearts, minds and spirits of all he encountered.
Dr. Moses C. Norman, Sr., blessed our University for more than 60 years.  Today, we join the chorus of those seeking God’s blessings upon the Norman Family.  May He comfort you and give you peace now and always.

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