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CAU Leads Region, Nation in "Economic Mobility"

Posted on Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Contact: Donna L. Brock

A new study, "Mobility Report Cards:  The Role of Colleges in Intergenerational Mobility," co-authored by National Bureau of Economic Research member and Brown University Associate Professor of Economics and World Affairs John Friedman, Ph.D., says that Clark Atlanta University has the highest economic mobility rate among Atlanta-area colleges.  According to the study, CAU shares this distinction with neighboring Spelman College.
WABE-901FM/NPR Reporter Martha Dalton explained today that the study examined students who came from families in the bottom 20 percent of income distribution (earning less than $25,000 annually).  Researchers combined that result with the percentage of students who reach the top 20 percent of income distribution ($60,000 in 2014) in their mid-thirties. CAU (and Spelman) had an economic mobility rate of 3.3 percent, putting the University in the top 12 percent of colleges nationwide.
"This report affirms our work here at Clark Atlanta University," President Ronald A. Johnson says.  "We are focused on transforming students of promise--young men and women possessing not only tremendous intellect, but what we consider a sense of "grit," a hunger to learn, to acquire diverse new experiences and, of course, to succeed—into scholars, leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators.  Our recent efforts to realign our curriculum and provide opportunities to earn stackable credentials will only increase our efficacy in realizing this goal." Johnson also added that the report affirms Clark Atlanta's contribution as an economic catalyst in the metro-Atlanta, Georgia and ultimately the global economy.
"We are indeed proud to learn this great news," the President noted, "but we are not complacent.  We are redefining higher education and there is much more for us to do."
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