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Clark Atlanta University Shatters Six-Year-Old Record for New Student Enrollment

Posted on Thursday, September 29, 2016


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ATLANTA (Sept. 29, 2016)    Clark Atlanta University (CAU) experienced a blockbuster year for new and returning undergraduate student enrollment during Fall 2016.  The official university census released today revealed nearly 1,200 new undergraduate freshmen enrolled at CAU for the current semester.  That is nearly 250 more freshmen than in August when it was announced CAU had inducted a near-record 950 freshmen.  It’s also the largest freshmen class since Fall 2007, according to CAU Enrollment Services.

Yet the population surge expands beyond undergraduate freshmen.  During this same semester, more than 1,900 sophomores, juniors and seniors returned to CAU, which happens to be ranked the 18th best HBCU in the nation, according to U.S. News & World Report.  That represents the largest number of returning students to CAU since Fall 2011.

“It makes me optimistic about the future,” said Associate Vice President of Enrollment Services Michael J. Marshall.  “It speaks to the strengthening of CAU’s brand and students recognizing the value in the CAU brand.  “We are growing despite receiving limited government funding unlike fully funded state schools,” he explained. 

The numbers prove he is right.  Overall undergraduate enrollment peaked at nearly 4,000 students, the highest at CAU in six years.  That is in addition to hundreds more faculty and staff committed to lifting every voice with ideas that matter to have a positive impact on our world.  “Students who enrolled at CAU for the first time or returned here just made a 40 or 50-year investment in themselves, this nation and world,” said Marshall.  

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